The Lee Era: How Alexander McQueen Revolutionized Fashion

Long live Alexander McQueen. known as the terrible child of fashion, the talented designer Alexander McQueen would turn 53 this March 17, and we remember the most iconic moments of his career, which keep his legacy alive, even years after his departure.

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This was the career of Alexander McQueen

To celebrate on this very special day, we have compiled the most important moments of his career over time to learn about the inspiration behind his extravagant designs, remember his most iconic catwalks and the moments that defined a before and after in his life. It all started in…


A star is born

Isabella Blow and Lee became best friends after she was shocked to buy his entire “Jack The Ripper Stalks His Victims” prom collection, which included the famous Victorian coat with a rose-toned spike print. The renowned publisher was in charge of launching the genius’s career to stardom, connecting him with the most influential people in the industry and promoting his career to the fullest, even convincing him to use his middle name as a designer, Alexander McQueen.

alexander mcqueen and isabella blow
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nineteen ninety six

Road to Givenchy

Two legends met in a job interview, a few years after graduating McQueen applied to be an intern for Martin Margiela and was rejected by the same designer. The reason? He was too good. Martin encouraged him to open his own brand and dream big. Margiela was not the place for him, but he found it at Givenchy, when he was named the creative director who would replace John Galliano. He designed for his own brand as well as Givenchy, creating 32 different collections a year.

mcqueen in givenchy
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Musician’s favorite

for the album cover homogeneous For Björk, the singer collaborated with McQueen for the kimono and Nick Night for the photography. The extravagant style of Alexander’s designs made the perfect match with the futuristic aesthetic that the singer has projected throughout her career. But she was not the only one who wore her creations.

He also designed the looks for the tour Earthling, by David Bowie; Furthermore, Lady Gaga was one of her biggest clients, wearing her dresses to awards shows and in music videos. Surely you will remember her dress with a Renaissance print or the total look of red lace with a mask of the same material with which she received an award at the MTV Music Awards.

björk mc queen



Named for being the designer’s 13th show, this parade is still one of the most applauded in his career a decade later. The grand finale of this show is something we will never forget: model Shalom Harlow spins on a platform while two robots spray paint on her white dress, held only by a belt, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that critiques the man. vs the machine and was inspired by the artistic movement of arts and crafts, giving a new vision to the most popular artistic current in Great Britain.

Alexander McQueen N.13
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moss hologram

His shows were visually stunning and always had an element of surprise: “I don’t want to throw a cocktail party, I’d rather people walk out of my shows and throw up. I like to provoke extreme reactions.” For the A/W 2006 show finale, she projected a hologram of Kate Moss floating in one of her pieces. At other times, models walked in the rain or into the center of a ring of fire. If anyone knew how to shock an audience, it was definitely him.

kate moss hologram mcqueen
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The beauty of the grotesque

McQueen had a knack for finding beauty in the least expected places, turning the most unusual subjects into museum-worthy pieces. His most emblematic collections were mainly inspired by thrillers like The Silence of the Lambs, Taxi Driver or The Hunger, the Victorian era and themes such as death, fetishism, horror and romance.

alexander mcqueen runway
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Armadillo Shoes

his last show, Plato’s Atlantis, It was inspired by the afterlife and how global warming is melting the poles. In addition to the intriguing designs with marine prints and a variety of textures, this show brought to life one of his greatest inventions: the Armadillo Shoes, which were carved from wood by hand and covered in sequins and other exotic materials. Currently there are only 21 of these pairs and Lady Gaga has three of them, which are worth $295,000.

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A year after his death, the MET inaugurated the exhibition Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, which included more than 240 looks, a clear look into the complex mind of the designer. The exhibit became the eighth most visited in the museum’s history and included pieces that Isabella Blow had acquired for her personal collection and many of the core pieces from her most impressive collections.

Four years later the exhibition moved to London to be exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The book of this exhibition is a must in your collection of coffee table books.

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty
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