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2022 is already beginning to pack its bags and say goodbye, and until the last day of this year, our located and misplaced parade like Argentine fans in the World Cup stadiums in Qatar.

The Located: Musa Awards 2022

There is something very special that TVN has been doing recently, and that is that it is taking charge of one of the problems that are doing a disservice to the quality of our TV: The lack of musical spaces. It is incomprehensible that having a large number of artists who are causing a stir both in Chile and abroad, even filling national tours, our industry is not reflecting it with the intensity that they really deserve.

Happily, the state channel thus accepted the call and in this way they have been betting heavily not only on showing the life of Chilean trap artists in “Urbanos”, where María Luisa Godoy is sufficiently involved in that world; but in what we saw last Sunday, with the broadcast of the Pulsar 2022 Awards.

Some awards that once again reaffirmed the camaraderie and healthy coexistence that exists within the musical environment, and especially within female pop. Contrary to what once existed in the United States, where rivalries were provoked by the press and their fandoms grabbed the pope and still have not overcome certain flanks, in this country, even with a show business industry against it, none of that happens. Denise Rosenthal receiving the support of her fellow artists and thanking each one of them is a clear example of that. For her soul there is no envy or competition, but sisterhood and mutual and reciprocal support.

An excellent production that also resulted in critical acclaim, both from those who heard it on the extensive network of IARC stations and on TVN on its different platforms. Eduardo Fuentes and “La Mari” did an impeccable job, everyone did their part, even when they did not have the experience and could make many mistakes, but nothing that can be solved. And while we are…

The misplaced: Those who criticized Denise Rosenthal’s dress

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Ok, one will not be able to like the music of the national interpreter who is already 32 years old and has achieved relevance through constant learning, but from there to judge her dress as if it were “Damn Fashion”, or worse, since a puritanism that at this point is incomprehensible, without a doubt goes back a thousand years.

What Denise did is not unlike what we see every year at music awards and entertainment events like the MTV Video Music Awards, the MET Gala, and even the Grammys themselves from 2000 onwards, where outlandish outfits are in vogue. order of the day and demonstrate the power of the interpreters. And wow, it was hard for the gringos to accept that as a symbol of the change in consciousness, well, in the 70s, they tore Cher to pieces for only going with her navel uncovered or wearing a transparent dress at that same time.

The point is that if we want the Chilean show once and for all to be dignified, professional and where controversy is nothing more than work, the first thing to do is to evolve once and for all. The message is that women fight so that they can have the courage that Rosenthal had when it came to appearing in these awards, without having to be branded as “vulgar” when worse things have been seen on Chilean TV than can be called as such.

Or did the critics of Facebook forget when they saw “Mekano” and “Morandé con Compañía”?

The carepalo: Marlén Olivari

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In 2001, a very statuesque woman from Viña del Mar burst onto television, who had made sporadic appearances on “Miss Hawaiian Tropic” and on “Sábado Gigante Internacional”, this time as a particular weather girl who took off her clothes as the forecast progressed in the short-lived Chilevisión nocturnal program, “El País V”. Despite the fact that at her time Kike Morandé criticized her, she did not hesitate a few months after the end of the space to welcome her to her night party.

Her beauty made her exploit it to the fullest, doing daring performances and even releasing VHS where she showed her life and how her body worked. But something happened to celebrity journalism that began to sell her as “the great show-woman of Chile” and she, neither stupid nor lazy, grabbed a dad and even sold her private life. Thus came her resignation, a complicated personal life, and a temporary departure from TV, spearheaded by her failed foray into politics.

She wanted to be mayor of Viña del Mar and, as happened with Cathy Barriga, she had the widest support from the media as well as from the “outsider” programs, but the inhabitant of Ciudad Jardín does not forget who is always with the people and the difference between the that they only come for the photo at the Festival Gala as they were questioned while they were on Calle Valparaíso, because the winner was Macarena Ripamonti and Marlén, back to ostracism.

This year we had her back on screen after a long “period of reflection” through “Tal Cual” on TV+. But something happened to him that he lost his temper: He described feminism as “pure show” and ignored the work of the Viñamarina mayoress, perhaps the most credible political face in the Valparaíso Region along with Governor Mundaca, saying that “Chile changed for the worse ”.

First of all, we would like to tell Marlén, with the respect that her person deserves, that feminism fights so that she can feel free to do what she did for more than ten years at MCC without anyone judging her for it (because in that At that time the criticism was ruthless, but every night they dreamed of being with her) and so that her life would have the dignity that she never had in her love life, especially with that disastrous man who today makes a living doing politicking on a radio station in La Serena. And second, Ripamonti has worked tirelessly for Viña, she has traveled the hills from end to end, working for what she defines as “the right to security” and has acted accordingly, protecting not only its inhabitants, but also herself. people, although El Mercurio de Valparaíso says otherwise or makes controversy out of nowhere.

Marlén, it is good to have a political stance and we are not afraid of differences, however you have to know how to speak.

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