The name of the first representative of Eurovision 2023 is revealed: the Israeli Noa Kirel


For all those who continue with the post-Eurovision depression, Israel has managed to get hold of the perfect antidote. The country has achieved that eurofans already have in their heads the next edition of this prestigious festival. In the absence of 10 months for the contest to be held, Israel has already announced the name of its next representative: Noah Kirel

Even though it’s only been two months since Karlus Orchestra achieved the Ukraine’s third victory At the Eurovision 2022 final held in Turin, the name of the first Eurovision 2023 representative has come to light.

Israel It has been the first country to choose its representative for the 67th edition of the European competition, which is expected to be held next May.

His name is Noah Kirel, won the award at the MTV Music Awards for Best Israeli Artist and has been announced by surprise through the official twitter account of KAN, Israel’s public broadcaster.

The 21-year-old will take over from the singer Michael BenDavid, representative of Israel in 2021. The singer, dancer, rapper, actress and television presenter will arrive in the host city, still unannounced, with one main objective: to achieve Israel’s victory in the 2023 Eurovision Grand Final.

Noa Kirel: a successful career

Despite the fact that youth sometimes play against artists, Noa Kirel has had a very successful artistic career. So much so that the video clip of her latest song, Thought About That, It has approximately 35 million views on YouTube.

Also, bad little thing is 37 and Please Don´t Suck close to 26 reproductions.

Although we already know the identity of Israel’s future representative at Eurovision 2023, we still have to wait to hear the song with which she will fight for Israel’s fifth victory at the international music festival.

However, their first eurovision connections are already known. In October 2017 she published a Hebrew version of the song. You Koitas of the 2018 Eurovision runner-up, Eleni Foureira.

Israel tour in Eurovision

Israel starred in its first appearance in Eurovision in 1973 in Luxembourg and managed to position itself in fourth place with Ilanit and your theme Hey Sham. However, victory was not to be desired.

In his sixth participation Izhar Cohen Y The Alphabeta took Israel to the top with A ba ni bi. A year later, Gali Atari and Milk and Honey doublet with Hallelujah in Jerusalem.

They say that after the storm comes calm and this is precisely what happened. After two withdrawals and the absences of 1994 and 1997, Dana International left everyone speechless with his theme Diva at the Birmingham festival in 1998.

The singer became a myth for being the first transsexual to win the contest.

Finally, Netta took home the last crystal microphone in 2018 making the whole of Europe know it by heart Toy.

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The name of the first representative of Eurovision 2023 is revealed: the Israeli Noa Kirel