The networks denounce “tongo” in Chanel’s ‘SloMo’ election for Eurovision 2022: these are the arguments

The Chanel’s victory at the Benidorm Fest has not ceased to cause controversy. The Catalan singer was the clear winner of the final with 96 points, five and six more than the favorites of the night, the vindictive Rigoberta Bandini and the galician Tanxugueiras.

The singer got highest jury scorewhich he conquered with his Latin rhythm and his spectacular choreography, while he was second in the demoscopic score and third for the audience.

Chanel, in the final of the Benidorm Fest // EFE

But nevertheless, his choice has been highly criticized in social networks, especially after being above proposals such as Rigoberta Bandini and Tanxugueiras, something that has not sat well with Eurovision fans. The singer was even booed while she celebrated her victory on stage in the town of Alicante.

In fact, since the Eurovision representative was announced in 2022, eurofans have turned to the theory that the whole festival has been a “tongo”exposing numerous arguments through social networks that discredit the jury of experts and also the song of the dancer and actress.

To this have also been added different messages from people who, looking at the lyrics of Chanel’s theme, have harshly criticized the simplicity of the song and the “sexist message” who will represent Spain in Eurovision.

These are some of the reasons they have exposed through their social networks.

Voting Format

East voting format has been one of the great criticisms of festival fans in recent days, since many have considered that it was made for favor the jury’s favorite artist. There are many who, as a result of this, have crossed out the voting mechanics of fraud, through the hashtag #TongoFest: the votes of the five people (three Spanish and two international judges) had the same importance as the popular vote.

Thus, taking into account the scoring system that was established for the Benidorm Fest, where 50% depended on the experts, 25% on the surveys of 350 people and 25% on the general public, the jury’s vote ended up being the one that decided the balance and ruled in favor of Chanel instead of the Galician ones (the favorites of the public).

A theory reinforced now that many have dropped through social networks that the bad scores of the Galician group were the responsibility of the national jury.

The relationship between Chanel and a member of the jury

Another of the reasons that has most outraged the audience on social networks, apart from the voting, has been the close relationship of Chanel and a member of the jury. And it is that among those in charge of voting for the candidates of the Benidorm Fest was the choreographer Miryam Blessedthat has regularly worked with the winner of the contest while this was dedicated only to professional dance.

In addition, one of the dancers in Chanel’s powerful staging also works with Miryam Benedited. A link that, without a doubt, has not gone unnoticed on social networks, where many have begun to search until they find numerous images in which both appear working side by side in the years 2015 and 2016.

Non-compliance with the rules of the Benidorm Fest

To the critics against the theme interpreted by chanellwhich includes some verses that many have considered “sexist”, has also added a possible breach of the rules of the competition of benidorm fest.

There are many who believe that SloMo could have breached the competition rules of the festival. This is how the twitterer @Crespolop exposes it, who points out that the regulations themselves indicate that all the participating songs must be in Spanish or any of the co-official languages, although it admits a percentage in foreign language not higher than 35%.

However, it seems that the letter of Chanel could have exceeded that maximum figure: the letter includes mMore than 180 words in Englishwhich would make it exceed 40%.

To this is added the use of trademarkssuch as the automobile firm Bugattisomething that also violates the rules established by the festival.

Here you can consult the bases of the Benidorm Fest.

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The networks denounce “tongo” in Chanel’s ‘SloMo’ election for Eurovision 2022: these are the arguments