The scandalous 29 years of Miley Cyrus: from a Disney girl to excesses, sexual rebellion and a failed marriage

Popular singer-songwriter, actress, and influencer from Tennessee and star Disney in its beginnings, Miley Ray Cyrus, She turns 29 this November 23, in which her vast career has risen between her success as a Disney girl, going through excesses with alcohol, sexual rebellion, a failed marriage and a resurgence as one of the most successful singers in the world. litter emerged at Disney.

Miley has always been in the eye of the storm since she was recognized around the world for her performance in Hannah Montana, since when she was barely 11 years old, the daughter of Billy ray was emerging in the world of entertainment, millions of children and adolescents Around the world, they saw her as an example to follow for her role as a pop music star.

The success of the young Miley began to open the door to her in other environments, such as in the cinema, a place where she had already debuted before it came to light. Hannah Montana and on the set of one of the most charismatic directors of the time, we mean Tim Burton In ‘The Big Fish’, in said movie Miley appears in the credits with her first name, Miley Ray Cyrus.

In full adolescence and taking a step forward to remove the stigma of a Disney girl, Cyrus appeared at the Rock In Rio Festival, with a completely different image to what had been seen of her in recent years, more daring and sensual, which opened the door for the ‘uncovering’ of one more of the Disney girls (among them Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez).

At the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, Miley became the ‘talk’ of the media, after filtering intimate images of her on social networks, at that time it was mentioned that the recipient of these images was nothing more and nothing less than her then partner, Nick Jonas.

Goodbye to the girl and welcome to the woman

From then on, the ‘what will they say’ no longer mattered to the young woman, who at 18 years of age was photographed smoking marijuana, However, on that occasion he denied such facts, despite the fact that the photograph flooded Twitter

The fate and the battle cry of the young actress and singer had taken a radical turn, she was no longer the good and tender girl who played Hannah Montana, Now she was a young singer who wanted to remove that stigma with a more sensual and sexual projection, which she achieved with the arrival of the song ‘Wrecking Ball ‘ in 2013.

Said video currently has more than a billion views, no wonder, in the same Miley first appears half-naked on top of a ball used to demolish buildings, and shortly after without clothes, which was a before and a later in his career.

From then on and taking advantage of the strength and popularity of ‘Wrecking Ball ‘, Miley went further and gave free rein to her sexual side, being photographed totally naked for Maxim magazine in 2013, at her concerts it was normal to be seen with bare chest, with little clothes, dancing suggestively, all while her voice tore through the stage, an explosive combination with which her detractors had to admit that the little disney girl He had disappeared to make way for the woman, and what a woman.

The pinnacle of that resurgence came in the delivery of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, on that occasion Miley took the stage to sing “Blurred Lines” with Robin thicke and “We Can’t Stop”, said presentation is one of the most acclaimed by the artist.

That stage of change also brought love with it, the young singer fell in love with the actor Liam Hemsworth With whom he maintained a relationship of tug of war for several years, until they finally married on December 23, 2018, a month after his 26th birthday.

The love lasted only a few months, the couple separated in August 2019 and to ‘forget about their failure’, Cyrus was caught kissing with the blogger Kaitlynn Carter.

Currently, Miley is going through a much more mature facet, his presentations on stage stopped focusing on the sexual part and are now a delight to the ear, from ‘covering’ hits of the world rock, going through more heartfelt versions of his hits, songs with more vocal power and histrionic quality, until he achieved collaborations with people like Metallica or Ariana Grande, putting his stamp on each of his outings on stage.

In essence, it is 29 years of a carousel in which Miley Cyrus has known how to adopt a role of figure despite the criticism and his blunders, is today one of the most popular figures in the world of show business. USA and the whole world, therefore, we can only wish you a happy birthday!


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The scandalous 29 years of Miley Cyrus: from a Disney girl to excesses, sexual rebellion and a failed marriage