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Without expectations of anything and showing that Latin women can achieve any dream they set their minds to, the Brazilian singer Anitta received his nomination as Best Latin Artist at the awards mtv Video Music Awards (VMAs) 2022, an event that will take place on August 28 in New Jersey, United States.

“I try to be more relaxed, not think about things so much. There are a lot of people nominated which is amazing. Whatever the night holds, I’m going to leave happy, because it will be a very special moment. I just hope people like me presentation and also understand that it is my first time”, clarifies the singer in Press conference.

Anitta, who is the first artist Latin to reach number one on the world list of Spotify, will debut in these awards with his single “Envolver”. However, beyond winning an award, the singer wants this to be just a first step to carry a message of female empowermentwhere more and more women raise their voices from their own trenches.

For Anitta, one of the most memorable moments of the MTV Awards was the participation of Britney Spears, in 2001, when she sang “I’ma Slave 4 you” wrapped in a snake.

“For me it is very important, I have heard people saying that I should not talk about sexor anything else, and this is different for mensbecause they never went through the difficulties that we had to live, in a taboo, a little box where we should be.

“That is why it is more necessary and precise that we speak, and not be seen differently or with other expectations. My dream is for women to be free, in all aspects”, she clarifies.

This attitude towards life has even helped him to lead his life in a more relaxed way. musical careerBecause before, he confesses, he did live with more pressure, now he just lets things happen more naturally.

Life itself and collaborations have allowed him to reach this clarity, for example, he highlights that thanks to Snoop Dogg he learned to live with “good vibes” and to relax.

The Brazilian singer has dedicated herself, since last April, to launching her latest musical production versions of mewhich is composed of 15 Spanish songsEnglish and Portuguese.

Titles such as: “Lobby” along with missy elliot“Love you” and “Gata”.

“Some songs are more pop, it’s something that people hadn’t seen from me, a bit of a funnier Anitta, even more romantic. We have a very strong mix of beats, this is me,” she shares.

The young singer indicates that this 2022 is the year of Latinos, since she has noticed that more artists have fought to have more spaces, both in the cultureon the music and in the industry entertainment.

“This helps us overcome many prejudices and things that have not been so easy for us. My nomination, for example, I think will help Latino people, in all aspects, because we have more representation, it gives us more strength, because, in some way, we have the same purpose, to see that each year Latino power reaches more places we did not imagine


Anitta’s work with Maluma

The singer reveals that Maluma is one of the artists with whom she feels most comfortable, since they are from a character very similar. With the video of the single “El queespera”, which was released just a few weeks ago, she confesses that it was something that both artists wanted to do for a long time.

“From the lyrics of the song it was done with the purpose of documenting a little of our history real, because the fans make a lot of speculations about us, and we wanted to play with this, that they will always be talking about us and the result was incredible”, he comments.

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The singer Anitta is empowered and brings the feminine force to the MTV Awards – Reporte Indigo