The Spanish artists who triumph all over the world

If we always say that everythingor spanish is the bestWell, as far as artists are concerned, we weren’t going to be left behind! Lola indigo, Alejandro Sanz, Rosalía, Ana Mena… all of them, and many more have managed to succeed outside our country and gain a foothold internationally. Meet everyone in this small selection of artists who are undoubtedly coming a long way.

lola indigo

Thanks to collaborations such as RVFV, Tini or Mala Rodriguez, the Andalusian has managed to carve out a niche for herself on the international scene and has hundreds of fans waiting for her at airports. Now with the new documentary and her concerts throughout Spain, La Niña is triumphing wherever she goes.

An example is the Lollapalooza Festival in Argentinawhere the singer performed La Niña de la Escuela on two occasions, becoming a TT thanks to her dance troupe who, as always, offer great shows.

Ana Mena

The artist from Malaga carved out a niche within the Italian music thanks to her work with three artists from the region who helped her promote her talent throughout the country. She triumphed with songs like D’estate not worth along with the rapper Fred de Palmagetting to be the hit of the summer 2018, duecentomila praysong with which he participated in San Remo 2022 or A back anchor.

At this time he has made an advance of 12 hourshis new single that he released during a concert on his tour of Spain, which he is currently carrying out.

Alejandro Sanz

After over 30 years career is one of the most recognized artists in the world, thanks to collaborations with artists such as Marc Anthony, Laura Pausini, Carlos Baute, Alicia Keys or Shakira. With more than 25,000,000 copies sold around the world, 20 Latin Grammys and 3 American Grammyss, the singer is a classic in different talent shows like The voice.

Right now Alejandro Sanz is on tour Latin America, SANZ Live, which will pass through Panama, Colombia or Costa Rica. Despite the constant trips, he does not stop creating, now with the collaboration of Kany García in I don’t want luck. These words the singer dedicated to his fans after the first concerts abroad, “The best return is to you and the music. Thank you for nights like this”.


The group from Madrid is well known in Thailandwhere they triumphed thanks to the song Fall in love of his first album. It all started with a home video, becoming, from a distance, a mass phenomenon. At that time they declared, “We didn’t expect to be famous there at all, we still have a hard time understanding it.”

The band from Madrid, which is already well-known in Thailand, has gone on to give concerts, even in american institutes, something that, at the beginning of their career, they could not even imagine. Now they release their new album, The labyrinth, an album that has no collaborations but allows them deepen your identityas they recognized in an interview they did with LOS40

Pablo Alboran

Thanks to Only youthe artist from Malaga became known throughout South America and currently offers tours of Spain and Latin America, also recognized in the United States as one of the most influential Latin singers.

With awards like Grammy, the Latin Grammysthe awards The Worlds Music Awards or the MTV Europe Music Award consolidate the singer as one of the great influencers outside our country.


And how could we forget about the MOTOMAMI, his next tour around the world and which has been so successful. Their world-tour is an example of this, and it is that the artist has confirmed dates in all possible places, from Germany to the United States, passing through Chile, Mexico or Italy.

The Catalan does not stop growing with her own essence and that style that is so hard to copy. That is why many say that it is onlywith modern songs, but always with that characteristic touch of her own.

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The Spanish artists who triumph all over the world