The unforgivable racist controversy of Kanye West that has turned the whole world against him

Nobody can find justification for the rapper, who in his last parade in Paris went overboard by presenting T-shirts with the slogan “White Lives Matter”. A controversy that has been publicly entered from Gigi Hadid to Hailey Bieber.

When one considers oneself as the absolute leader of the world, “the king”, in literal words, things cannot end well. It is the gigantic derailment that the trajectory of kanye-west It had been announced for years and, it seems, this week has taken a course as serious as it is insurmountable.

Although the 45-year-old American has decided to officially change his name, which since October 2021 is just yethere is no doubt that ‘controversy’ it will remain your middle name, whether or not it appears on an identity document. he already Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband and father of his four children feels an uncontrollable attraction to gratuitous provocation, as we have seen on many occasions, due in part to the bipolar disorder that was diagnosed several years ago and of which he himself has spoken publicly. Since announcing in July 2020 his intention to present himself as candidate for the presidency of the United States to the video clip of the song The Game in which he buried a doll suspiciously similar to Pete Davidson, at the time his ex-wife’s boyfriend, or the humiliation to which he subjected live Taylor Swift during the delivery of the MTV Video Music Awards declaring that Beyoncé deserved more the award that she just won.

Kanye West. | / GTRES

In any case, today all this is reduced to anecdotes and tantrums justified by childish behavior if we compare it with what happened in Paris last Monday. After days of speculation about the possibility that the city would take advantage of the celebration of fashion week to present the ninth season of Yeezy, the sportswear brand created together with Adidas and of which he is creative director (or Almighty Maker as he likes to call himself), the appointment finally took place. The morning of the day before, Kanye also opened with honors, and mud up to his knees, the parade of Balenciagawithout anyone being able to sense the storm he was brewing.

Faced with a select and intimate call that did not exceed the 70 people but among which were designers like Demna Y John Galliano besides the model irina shaykwith whom it was rumored that he had an affair in the summer of 2021, 30 looks were presented, closed by the departure of Naomi Campbell and a series of t-shirts that had a print on the back “White Lives Matter” (White Lives Matter) West had just thrown the match into the wildfire himself.

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Kanye and Candace Owens sporting the infamous t-shirts backstage at the show. | INSTAGRAM

This slogan is a clear opposition to the antiracist movement Black Lives Matter, a movement that grew out of support for victims of police brutality in the US, and which is explicitly linked to white supremacy, condemned by West as “a farce”, an issue in which he has entered more than once After attending rallies donald trump. To finish off the play, on the front of the shirts there was a photograph of the Pope Juan Pablo II with the legend “We will follow your example.”

The first to leave the premises was Jaden Smith, who wasted no time writing on Twitter: “I don’t care who it is, if I don’t agree with the message, I’m leaving”, and also adding that “black lives matter”. Under the stupor of Anna Wintouralso present at the parade, and who, faced with the questions of the journalists on her way out to find out her opinion on the matter, could only say “ask someone else”, another Dazed fashion editor, lynette nylander He left the room stating in his networks that “This has too many implications.”

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Naomi Campbell starred in the latest outing of the controversial Yeezy parade. | Yeezy

Also, Candace Owens, the conservative commentator, who was in the audience, was also wearing one of the infamous T-shirts as was Selah Marley, the daughter of Lauryn Hill and granddaughter of Bob Marley. Not to mention Matthew M. Williams, the Givenchy designer who worked with West early in his career; Michele Lamy, the wife of Rick Owens; and Naomi Campbell walked the catwalk without showing any hint of shock or outrage afterward.

East “chaotic self-righteous disorderconfessional and messianic ambition, with a stroke of shock and provocation, totally eclipsed the clothes that were shown”, as journalist Vanessa Friedman published in the New York Times, has caused a river of ink to flow and on social networks it has become a unstoppable tsunami in which the presence of Gigi Hadidwho came out in defense of her friend the editor Gabriella Karefa Johnson. Attacked and insulted by Kanye himself who uploaded photos of her and made fun of her physical appearance and the way she dressed. “She’s not a fashion person,” West captioned a now-deleted photo.

Without wasting a minute Gigi posted on Instagram a fiery defense for Karefa-Johnson that read: “You wish you had a percentage of her intellect. If your ideas made even a shred of sense, she would be the only person who could save you. Is the doubtful ‘ honor’ of being invited to your parade relieves that person of the freedom to give their opinion. Another model who did not want to remain silent was haley bieber. West’s response to her on social media was also immediate, loaded with blatant misogyny: “Justin, shut your girl up before I get mad,” he wrote.

After breaking up with gap A few weeks ago the juicy commercial agreement that should have been maintained until 2030 but that has only lasted two years, the media dust that hangs over West does not seem to place him in a comfortable position. If this was just an attempt to gain notoriety anyway, West should know that not everything goes to carry out a marketing action, even if he really believes that he can. ironically appropriate the language of racial violence. Ye loves being a nuisance in everyone’s eyes, and seeing how far she can go without thinking of collateral damage despite the violence this could fuel. It is no longer fashion that we are talking about, but something deeper.

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The unforgivable racist controversy of Kanye West that has turned the whole world against him