TikTok: Who are the new artists who have made their music viral on the social network?

The TikTok social network has been a catapult for various artists and influencers, both to become known and to boost their careers. Although there are many familiar faces in the art world, there are new discoveries worth learning about.

TikTok has become one of the social networks with the most last time traffic, generating content for all types of audiences. One of the graces of its use is the algorithmwhich shows videos to the user depending on their tastes and content that they usually consume.

A lots of artists have begun to use this platform to boost their careers or make viral videos with some of their songs, as has happened with artists like Doja Cat, Lizzo Y The Weekendamong others.

The Marketing campaings after these artists have shown that, with the number of reproductions, several of their songs have remained on the most listened to lists on streaming services.

The rise of new artists

On the other hand, there are new artists that during the pandemic have used the platform to show their music, obtaining excellent results and without imagining that his life would take a different course within the world of music.

Some of them made videos of small excerpts from their original songsshowed tracks produced entirely by themselves or just had an idea that they decided to make known to potential fans.

Stephen Sanchez

The young man 19 year old American has become popular in recent times due to the song “Until I found you“, which concentrates more than 290 million plays on Spotify.

Currently, it is tour throughout the United States and during October he will be the opening act on Noah Kahan’s tour. Also, he recently released his first album titled “Easy On My Eyes”, which contains the single that made him recognized throughout the world.

Yung Gravy

Using the song “never gonna give you up” of Rick Astleyrapper Yung Gravy posted his song “Betty (Get Money)“, which began to become popular among TikTok users. This generated interest in her music, placing her song on the list Billboard Hot 100one of the largest in the United States.

Although his career began in 2017 with a retro styleduring this year he was molding his musical facet, obtaining more followers and fans of his music.

November Ultra

with a voice soft and smooththe French November Ultra came to conquer the public with a small excerpt from her song “eat into my arms“, which uploaded to Tiktok obtaining more than 10 million views and several duets with his song.

The popularity of his videos published in 2021 was so great that during this year he launched his first albumbedroom walls“, the one that took her to a world Tour throughout the United States and parts of Europe.

Nick Youre

With 22 years, Nicholas Urebetter known in the music scene as Nick Youre, gained popularity after the premiere of his second single, “Sunroof”. The idea behind this song was born with a demo of his voice recorded on a cell phonereaching a position in the list Billboard Hot 100.

This song is also one of the most popular in TikTok videos, apart from stay on the viral song charts on Spotify. With his popularity, he has been invited to perform live for American radio stations and to be nominated in the category “Summer song” at the awards MTV Video Music Awards.

Ethan Bortnick

Although his name is not so well known, Ethan Bortnick began his interest in music at the age of 3, reaching a perfect tone after using a toy piano. Already at the age of 9 he became the youngest artist to perform its first solo tour.

With the start of the pandemic, the young man began to produce music in his piece with a style alternative pop that mixes his experience on the piano. Doing live demonstrations to strangers online, it went viral on Tiktok just like his music.

Sarah Kinsley

During the pandemic, singer-songwriter and producer Chinese-American began to perform their own songs, then discover the low percentage of women in the world of musical production. With a basic education of classical music in piano and violin, Sarah strengthened her musical career after the viralization from part of his song “king” on TikTok.

The young artist obtained a positive reception of his production, which followed with his single “I’m Not A Mountain“, which also went viral on the social network. Currently, he is promoting his latest ep and with scheduled dates for new concerts in United States.

Although there are more artists who have boosted their careers or have achieved the long-awaited dream of live from musicTikTok has become the ideal social network for new generations who want to succeed in the competitive world of music.

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TikTok: Who are the new artists who have made their music viral on the social network?