Toño Jáuregui, former member of Libido, criticizes Salim Vera in his recent book

Toño Jáuregui presents his book Beyond Libido and talks about the Peruvian band. Photo: composition.

Antonio Jauregui presented his book ‘Beyond Libido’ and tells everything he experienced in the group and how he left the rock band, as well as how the relationship with the members wore out Manolo Hidalgo and Salim Vera. On Friday, July 22, Jesús Alzamora was in charge of presenting the musician’s book in The International Book Fair 2022in the Parque Próceres de la Independencia, in Jesús María.

The program Magaly TV: The Firm did an interview with Tono Jauregui and tells how he was separated from the group and how his relationship with guitarist Manolo Hidalgo and singer Salim Vera began to break down.

“As you remember, Toño and Salim were childhood friends, almost brothers and members of the band Libido, a friendship that seemed unbreakable and that led them to spend fifteen years together on stage” starts by saying the report.

In his autobiographical book, Toño recounts the real reasons for how the gang turned against him and how Salim Vera gradually stopped talking to him and even made a rude gesture to him on the most important day of his life, his marriage.

“Manolo with a few more drinks told me, let’s go up and play and he offered to convince Salim to play all of us. And he told me: ‘I told him to go upstairs and he ran away’. I didn’t see him anymore at my wedding party and she didn’t come over to say hello to us.” the musician narrated.

It also details how it was when his cousin Manolo and Salim himself, who was his best friend, asked him to give up control of the Libido group.

“The conspiracy against me was decided, Salim told me: ‘We no longer want you to manage the group, from now on we will make the decisions,'” Toño detailed in his book.

“I did not agree how they were going to do the next steps, I simply opted out, At first I felt the plot, because Manolo is my cousin, Salim was my best friend from the neighborhood. I have no feelings towards them.”confesses the musician and now writer.

Antonio Jáuregui presents his book Beyond Libido. Photo: Instagram Capture
Antonio Jáuregui presents his book Beyond Libido. Photo: Instagram Capture

Jáuregui says that Vera had it planned because she asked the band’s Community Manager to give her the key to the Facebook page and there she took the opportunity to remove Toño from the fanpage.

They also had legal problems, because Toño did not consider it fair for Salim to continue singing the songs that were his. The bassist legally prevented Salim from singing the songs he had composed in public performances, such as ‘Como un perro’ and ‘Tres’, among others.

The distance between Toño Jáuregui and Salim Vera persists to date. Toño says that a year ago he saw Salim in a restaurant, they passed each other and when he thought that the singer was going to greet him, what’s more, he touched his shoulder, Salim walked by without saying ‘Hello’.

The program of shows contacted Salim Vera To ask him his opinion about the book that talked about the end of Libido, he answered a rather brief but forceful message via WhatsApp.

“I haven’t read the book yet, so I reserve my opinion,” said the interpreter of ‘In this Room’.

The book ‘Beyond Libido’ not only tells the story of the group, but also how the songs were made, behind the scenes of the concerts and his experience, how he met the music star, Paul McCartney in London.

Toño Jauregui presents his book ‘Beyond Libido’ and talks about his departure from the band. Video: ATV/Magaly TV: La Firme.

It was a Peruvian band that was formed in 1996 in Lima, which played alternative rock, pop and even ballads. The group’s original lineup consisted of Salim Vera (rhythm guitar, vocals), Manolo Hidalgo (lead guitar or first guitar), Toño Jáuregui (bass, backing vocals), and Jeffry Fischman (drums).

They were one of the first Peruvian bands to have their video clip broadcast by MTV Music. In 2002, they won the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America for best southern artist, then in 2003, 2006 and 2007 they won the award for best central artist.

The Peruvian band of Líbido in 2000. Photo: Capture of RPP.
The Peruvian band of Líbido in 2000. Photo: Capture of RPP.


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Toño Jáuregui, former member of Libido, criticizes Salim Vera in his recent book