‘Top 5’ data you probably didn’t know about Bad Bunny

At 28, the Puerto Rican artist Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasiobetter known as Bad Bunny, is one of the singers of latin trap and reggaeton with greater impact and significance in 2022, not only because through its new songs and videos it promotes female empowermentfreedom of expression and open support for the LGBTI community, but also because it has become a Fashion Iconand now, the next marvel villain for the Spiderman movie due out in theaters in 2024.
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Bad Bunny has twice been a winner in the Grammy awards as Best Latin Pop or Urban Album (2021) and Best Urban Music Album (2022), four times winner in the Latin Grammy Awardshas won twice at the Latin American Music Awards and once at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Data that perhaps you did not know about Bad Bunny

1. Where does your nickname come from?

Bad Bunny or ‘The bad rabbit’ is not a nickname that the artist has acquired by chance, but of a day that he will surely never forget.

‘Bunny (Rabbit)’ is the product of a funny childhood memory, when they sent it forced to school dressed as a rabbitas part of a costume.

‘Bad (bad)’ comes from that same day, because in all the photos he came out furiouswith a frowning face.

Because of that fault of that day, which was reflected in a memorable photo, Benito is called ‘The bad rabbit’.(Also read: Chris Evans, Captain America, is the sexiest man in the world).

2. His sunglasses.

One of the reasons ‘Bad Bunny’ wanted to become an artist was so he could wear sunglasses at nightespecially his heart-shaped dark glasses, as revealed by the artist for an interview published in Vogue magazine.

In the magazine they mention that when the artist was a child he dreamed of owning every pair of sunglasses that existed in the world when he grew up, so becoming a singer was just an excuse for his family or friends to question him for wearing night glasses.

3. Bad Bunny was overweight when he was in school.

However, the real problem was not in being overweight, but in the fact that he was bullied when he was just a child, who was teased not only for his weight, but also for having his long curly hair.

4. Cover in Rolling Stone.

Bad Bunny is the first latino street artist to appear on the cover of the American magazine ‘Rolling Stone’, on May 14, 2020.
The cover was titled “Bad Bunny in Captivity”, to tell about the artist’s life during quarantine.

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5. For a short while and she doesn’t become a singer, due to a bad career decision.

Bad Bunny was not always clear that his path to success lay in music, and what he really began to study was Audiovisual communication. However, her path showed him her true talent and after two years she dropped out of the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo to begin her training as a singer.


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‘Top 5’ data you probably didn’t know about Bad Bunny