VIDEO: Metallica rescues this hidden gem from ‘Load’ in one of its last concerts

After the visit of Metallica by the capital of Spain at the beginning of July in the mad coolhave passed through Copenhagen in Refshaleøen, the festival celebrated in Denmark from Wednesday 15 to 18 July, all these concerts reached a duration of four days. As headliners they had: Kiss, Iron Maiden, Korn and Mastodon, among others. To the surprise of those in attendance, the group from San Francisco performed “Bleed Me”, a theme that is not palpable in other performances of their shows. (Via

We reveal what songs have been played at this festival by Metallica:

  1. whiplash
  2. Creeping Death
  3. Enter Sandman
  4. Harvester Of Sorrow
  5. Trapped Under Ice
  6. bleeding me
  7. sad but true
  8. Dirty Window
  9. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  10. For Whom The Bell Trolls
  11. Moth Into Flame
  12. fade to black
  13. Seek & Destroy
  14. Damage, Inc.
  15. One
  16. Master Of Puppets

Metallica in Madrid

It has rained since Metallica’s last visit to Spain in 2019. We were there, ignorant of everything that was to come. A few months, James Hetfield entered rehab because of a relapse in the hell of his addictions. Then the COVID pandemic. Those from San Francisco have gone through an ordeal, like everyone else, but in their case even longer. His concert at Mad Cool had something of redemption, magic and revenge at the same time.

Metallica have had the intelligence to know how to play, like no other group, with their repertoire. They haven’t released an album since 2016, but when they release their catalogue, they know where to put each song to make everyone who goes to see them happy. I think that, above all, they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, knowing how to make the most of both.

At sunset, Metallica met us again to the rhythm of “Whiplash”. And there is nothing better than starting with a classic to put the public in tune. Nur beloved stars from San Francisco did not take long to offer in Madrid “Creeping Death” and, to the surprise of many, Enter Sandman. This, without a doubt, was a key point of the show. Turning expectations upside down, the band showed us their ace up their sleeve right at the beginning.

A burst of fireworks adorned the sky above Mad Cool and James stood looking at her, leaning on his guitar, smiling at home, as if, after three years of hell, he had finally won. He has done it, without a doubt, and he can be proud.

Metallica closed in 2021 the six dates of its tour of Latin America. CStarting April 27 in Santiago de Chile, playing one of those days by Buenos Aires, and the other four remainings in different regions of Brazil.

“Enter Sandman” was first played on February 25, 2022 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. This concert was attended by 60,000 souls. In addition, it was attended by Greta van Fleet and Ice Nine Kills. The Las Vegas concert served to commemorate and remember the 40th anniversary of Metallica at the Chase Center in San Francisco, which was held two months after the two concerts, innovating with the setlist that they played in different performances. It was part of Metallica’s “San Francisco Takeover,” including a film festival, photo exhibit and a series of concerts at smaller venues.

At the beginning of the year, the Lars Ulrich band announced that they would only perform two summer concerts in two stadiums, one of them on July 11 at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo (New York), and the next on August 14 at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It also had special invatos like Greta Van Fleet and Ice Nine Kills. Metallica already performed at Highmark Stadium on July 25, 1992, and at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh a day later.

Metallica has become one of the most influential rock bands in history. Among his most notorious albums, stand out: ‘Kill ‘Em All’, ‘Ride The Lightning’, ‘Master Of Puppets’, ‘… And Justice For All’, ‘Metallica’ or also called ‘Black Album’, ‘Load’ and ‘Hardwired… To Self -Destroythe last work published to date by the band from San Francisco.

James Hetfield’s band stands out for having obtained nine Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, countless accolades at the MTV Video Music Awards. In 2018, the group was named the most prestigious band in the world at the Polar Music Prize in Sweden.

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VIDEO: Metallica rescues this hidden gem from ‘Load’ in one of its last concerts