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This year has been a resounding success for the singer Dua Lipa. Since the tour of his album began Future Nostalgia (2020), sold out the tickets for his 92 concerts around the worldin what was a journey that also included Chile on September 16 at the Bicentennial Stadium in La Florida.

Today he is one of the most popular stars internationally, so he is aware that he can deliver a message to the new generations, especially when it comes to issues such as sexuality feminine, gaps gender and the empowerment of woman.

In a recent interview with The Sun, the British-Albanian highlighted that women have not received recognition for their achievements throughout the historywhile they have also been prevented from exploring their own Body freely and without receiving constant criticism from the society.

This was what he said.

Dua Lipa by David LaChapelle.

“As women, we’ve been oppressed in how we’re supposed to be or look like,” Lipa stated, “we’ve been oppressed for too long to really feel who we are and explore our side. sexual and feminine”.

According to what he told the aforementioned media, that paradigm is also actively applied in the entertainmentwhere the figure of women, in his words, “has been underestimated” historically.

“We are building our own castles,” he said, referring to the success of his genre in the music“but we don’t necessarily get the recognition we deserve.”

Despite the problems to which the women are exposed both in the entertainment industry and outside of it, the singer opined that “the younger generations have a very interesting vision of the life”.

That’s what he said in one of the chapters of his podcast called Dua Lipa: At Your Servicewhere he mentioned as an example the cases of his 21-year-old sister Rina and his 16-year-old brother Gjin.

“I see them much more interested in how things work in the world, maybe it’s Internet or the way in which we have evolved as people”, he explained in the instance, to later add that “it is really interesting, refreshing and inspiring”.

Since the singer released her debut album, titled Dua Lipa (2017), quickly positioned itself among the most listened to names worldwide. Today he has two studio albums —the second is Future Nostalgia (2020)— and among his achievements he adds prizes from contests as outstanding as the grammythe British and the MTV Europe Music Awards.

But the way to reach the fame It was not easy, since on more than one occasion she was rejected for allegedly not having the talent necessary. One of them was when she wanted to enter a singing school and theater in Londonjust before rising to stardom.

“They rejected me, I appealed and they rejected me again. I thought, ‘My God, why is this happening to me?’ I just wanted to sing, I told them ‘I can play the cello, I can do this other’”, Lipa recalled in conversation with The Sun, “but they didn’t want me, so I said ‘maybe this is for me’”

Despite the fact that he started in the theater at the age of five and that at nine he took singing classes at the school of Sylvia Young, who has trained stars such as actors Daniel Kaluya Y Billy Piperin addition to Emma Bunton of the Spice GirlsLipa was also rejected when she wanted to enter the choir of her first school, because she “did not know how to sing”, according to what she was told.

But that didn’t stop her. The “New Rules” artist began uploading her videos singing to Youtubean activity that was recommended to him by his father and agent, Dukagjin, and that later boosted his career through several records that were made viral.

We do not receive the recognition we deserve Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa photographed by LaChapelle

“Those moments in which they reject you push you to take the leap,” said the singer, to later sentence that “failure is part of the trip. If we constantly seek perfection, we will never achieve it.

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“We do not receive the recognition we deserve”: Dua Lipa reflects on the role of women and female sexuality – La Tercera