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Sometimes it has been due to a war of egos, due to personal quarrels, disagreements or simply due to lack of compatibility, but there have been celebrities who have starred in crosses, many of them public. Some of them have even come to blows. Others have admitted their animosity.

I could not miss this famous fight. Will Smith scandalized the whole world, during the night of the 2022 Oscars, when going on stage and slapping Chris Rock after a joke in bad taste that the comedian made about Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia. Despite the fact that the actor later won the Oscar, this action, which is still being talked about, had several consequences. The American interpreter will not be able to attend the Awards of the Academy for the next 10 years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced.

In addition, the interpreter who also resigned from the Academy, was fired from several film productions. The actor He expressed his regret the day after the controversial gala and it is currently known that he has been recovering. “We are engaged in deep healing,” Jada Pinkett said on behalf of the two.

An Ibizan restaurant in 2014 was the scene of the confrontation between the singer and the British actor. According to the ineffable web TMZthis was due to an excess of drinks and the rivalry of both for their respective flirtations with each other’s exes, Orlando with Selena Gomez and Justin with Miranda Kerr. “He does not respect women and you have to put him in his place”the actor from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ would have commented to a friend who would have spoken with several American media.

Orlando Bloom punched Justin Bieber.

Some witnesses consulted by LOC pointed out that at one point in the night, the singer had the idea of ​​going to say hello to the actor’s table, who decided to pass Bieber by denying him his hand, something to which the singer would respond by turning around and throwing A commentary on the virtues of Miranda Kerr aired. “Bloom held back in those moments but, at the exit of the restaurant, Bieber returned to the charge and forced a push with the actor who, this time, raised his hand”explained a witness.

Their drama dates back to May 2006, at a Los Angeles nightclub called Hyde, a time when Lohan was allegedly linked to Hilton’s ex, the Greek heir. Stavros Niarchos. Days later, Hilton laughed as his friend, Brandon Davis, taunted Lohan with the paparazzi. In response, Lohan also took a hint at Hilton for her sex tape: “She’s obviously very comfortable making videos.”

Shortly after, Lohan told the paparazzi that Hilton had allegedly hit her with his drink at a party. “It hurt not right,” she said. However, after several comings and goings, the rich heiress spoke about this fight and assured that she does not hold a grudge against Linsay.

“The thing is, she did things that hurt me a lot. He betrayed my trust and that caused a lot of drama between us. Let’s just say we had one of those friendships that come and go,” she points out. “But when I think now about everything that happened I think the only problem is that we were very young and immature”he confessed.

How not to forget the memorable fight between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, who even inspired a song by the rapper. It all started when in 2019, Swift won an MTV Video Music Award for Yyou belong to me. However, West disagreed and went onstage to snatch the microphone from him. “Taylor, I’m really happy for you and I’m going to let you finish talking, but Beyoncé’s video is one of the best videos ever. One of the best in history!”, he expressed. Cameras flash back to Swift’s stunned face and then focused on Beyoncé’s shocked reaction.

Taylor Swift was stumped when Kanye West interrupted her while winning an MTV award. (Photo: Getty)

Shortly after, in 2009, West publicly apologized and admitted that he was “rude.” The situation became untenable in 2016 when the rapper called her a “bitch” in the song Famous and later in the video clip West took out a nude life-size figure of her along with other celebrities. Soon after, Swift got “revenge” on This Is Why We Can’t Have Good Things about her feud with the TV star’s husband: It was so nice to be friends again / At that time I gave you a second chance / But you stabbed me in the back while shaking my hand, “ the letter says.

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What are the most notorious celebrity fights – Monumental