Who is David Guetta? Meet the famous DJ, his ex-wife, his children and how Avicii’s death marked him

David Guetta He is one of the most famous DJs in the world. French artist from 54 yearsDJ for many years of the program Europe Dance of Europe FMranks second in the TOP 100 DJS 2022 of the magazine DJ Magazinea ranking which is published annually and has led three times since he started his career. David Guetta, who landed on this list in 2005, was ranked #1 in 2011, in 2020, and in 2021.

His popularity has made him one of the highest paid DJs in the world and, at the same time, one of the artists with the greatest heritage. His ex-wife Cathy Guettais the architect of this enormous musical empire.

french is also songwriter and music producerand has collaborations with Minogue Kylie, madonna, Britney Spears either The Black Eyed Peas, among other artists. A successful career that has led him to win awards such as the Grammy for the best remixed recording, non-classical or the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Electronic.

A success story that began after a trip he made to London when he was studying Law at the University of Paris X Nanterre and was already DJing in local clubs in Paris, his hometown.

“When I started in Paris, the DJ it was an anonymous, a less than nothing. One day, I went to London and saw that there the music house it was already produced, all the lights pointed towards it. I invested all my savings in electronic music records and, on my return, I reached an agreement with the owners of the clubs that employed me: I give up my cache; but, in exchange, I do my own programming and my own promotion”, told about its beginnings.

This is how the career that exploded started in the 2000s when he became an internationally renowned DJ. In 2002 he released his first album, Just a Little More Love, and three years later he entered the aforementioned list of the best DJs in the world. Since then abandoned.

The two sons of David Guetta

David Guetta’s success as a DJ is well known to all —he has attended receptions at the Elysée Palace and also attended an evening organized by Raúl Castro—, but more unknown is his personal life.

David Guetta is father of two children, Tim Elvis, 18, and Angie, 14. Both are the result of their relationship with Cathy Lobé, also known as Cathy Guetta, with whom he was married between 1992 and 2014We have already seen both of them on their social networks.

the dj likes it brag about children and, in fact, last April he attended the Grammy Awards ceremony with the oldest.

He also recently boasted on Instagram by sharing his son’s solidarity project with his followers. “I am so proud of my son! He has just created a charity called United for Football to help the youth of Senegal through football,” the DJ wrote on Instagram when sharing the story.

Cathy Guetta, his ex-wife and the brains of his musical empire

actress and businesswoman Cathy Lobé is the mother of David Guetta’s children. They met in 1990 at the club in the south of France, where she was a waitress. Two years later they got married and in 1996 they were the kings of the Parisian night. He was still in the booth and she became her career manager. Her divorce, which came two years after they renewed their vows in Ibiza, meant the division of his fortune that they amassed after launching the project F**k Me I’m Famous in Ibiza. Each one took half of that money and the brand was left under Guetta’s property, which without the presence of his ex-partner has considerably lowered his income.

Over time details of the separation became known, although not the causes.

David and Cathy Guetta, at the 2012 Grammy Awards. // Getty Images

In 2015 the businesswoman granted an interview in LOC and assured that it was David Guetta who took the first step in the separation. “My personal and professional life ended suddenly,” said the ex-wife of the DJ, who left everything at that time. “I never felt empty because I am a mother and my priority has always been my children, but I was sad, completely destroyed. And for the first time in a long time, I did not work.”

Jessica Ledon, the model and last partner of Guetta

Years after this breakup, David Guetta began a relationship with the model Jessica Ledon24 years younger than him.

The already ex-partner was together for seven years and the relationship ended because, according to the British newspaper The Sun, “their lives were no longer compatible”.

A source close to Guetta and Ledon hinted that the breakup came from a distance. “David had to be in Ibiza during the summer for his residence there, while she was in the United States,” said that close person, who assured that the breakup was a surprise to those around him. “They have so much history together that everyone who We surrounded them and thought they were made for each other, but it hasn’t worked out that way.”

David Guetta and Jessica Ledon in 2018.
David Guetta and Jessica Ledon in 2018. // Gtresonline

Guetta and Ledon had already experienced a crisis in 2018, but they managed to overcome it. They were on the brink of breaking up when it was discovered the supposed profile that David used in the Raya app, a famous dating app to flirt.

David Guetta and the death of Avicii

In all this time the DJ has experienced many successful episodes and also a hard blow when his partner and friend Avicii died in 2018. The Swedish DJ committed suicide at the age of 28 and that marked the Parisian a lot.

“We were all petrified by what happened. The news forced me to make some very important decisions, to change my life. I could see how it came to me, the depression. And I am a happy person, I had never had a tendency to suffer from depression, but I realized that I had to reorganize my life to stay healthy, “he said in an interview in the newspaper The Sunday Times.

He spoke of that himself, he reflected some time later in The Anthill. “When the party ends they are alone. It is a very lonely life”he told Pablo Motos when remembering his friend, who was too young and too good a person to say no.

“With a little more experience I have begun to say no, I’m not going to do it because I don’t want to be killed. All the people make money with the artist, that’s what makes me the most sad. He was an incredible and generous person with his music and a lot of talent,” he said.

Almost 20 years away from drugs

At that same stage, in September 2018, David Guetta made another very personal revelation to the german magazine of social chronicle Bunte. She then assured him that she had been 15 years (now it would be 19) without using drugs.

He reconfirmed it years later, in 2014, before the commotion caused by his “absent” appearance at the Tomorrowland festival: “I don’t take drugs. If people want to take them, that’s their problem, but I personally don’t take them. That day I wasn’t drugged at all, I wasn’t even drunk. I only had a little moment of absence, and that can happen to anyone.”

“It’s unbelievable! They picked 25 seconds out of a two-hour performance. Behind me was some kind of spinning image, quite hypnotic, and sure enough, I agree with them: I look like a hangover. I had a moment of absence, I was thinking about something else, I don’t even remember what… maybe the next album I was going to play. And people concluded that I had taken the hardest drugs. Everyone had their theory, since they had taken Special K [ketamina], to heroin or who knows what. People are completely crazy,” she said of the video that went viral.

He defended that same idea years later by assuring that it is “like a Jedi monk”: “I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke, I don’t take drugs. I play sports and follow a diet. The only problem is sleep. I’m always on the go.”

David Guetta’s money

The long career has turned David Guetta into one of the highest paid DJs in the world. In 2014 the magazine Forbes highlighted it as the second highest earner of the world. In a year, she had managed to earn more 30 million of dollars.

The only DJ topping him then was Calvin Harris, with annual earnings of 66 million of dollars.

According to 2019 data, its income was 16.5 million euros and in a year before, in 2018, 22.9 million. Clearly her divorce had a direct effect on her fortune.

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Who is David Guetta? Meet the famous DJ, his ex-wife, his children and how Avicii’s death marked him