Who is the girlfriend of C. Tangana, the fashion photographer that everyone talks about?

Although C. Tangana and Rosalía’s past relationship continues to inspire searches, the artist has been with his current girlfriend, Rocío Aguirre, a photographer specializing in fashion, for more than two years.

The coronavirus changed many things in the life of C. Tanganaboth professionally and emotionally. as it happened to Rosalia, the artist with whom he is always related (both were a couple between 2016 and sometime in 2018, something that is still the subject of internet searches), confinement caught him away from home. If Rosalía was in Miami, where she began her love with Raww Alexander‘El Madrileño’ played in Mexico with a team that his current partner was part of, Rocio Aguirre, the photographer in charge of perpetuating her American adventure -truncated by the confinement- and who was in charge of ‘Back home’, the videos that narrated the difficulties of the singer to return to Madrid.

This is also the project, ‘Vuelta a casa’, where we were able to see her for the first time and sense that she was someone special to the artist, thanks to a final chapter in which C. Tangana includes several images of that young woman with dark hair, eyebrows straight, wide forehead and half-open mouth (which reminds some so much of Rosalía), whether recording herself with her cell phone, partying, traveling by taxi, plane, drinking water, checking in at the airport…

Little by little, we learned more about Rocío Aguirre, to whom Antón (alias C. Tangana) dedicated this summer that “Rocio, I love you” from the stage of the WiZink Center in Madrid before 15,000 people, skipping his usual care so that no detail of his private life is revealed.

Rocío is Chilean although she moved to Spain a few years ago in order to continue her studies in fashion and advertising photography, and to open up to new markets in that sector. She met C. Tangana in a bar, just as she was preparing to return to her country. “This man arrived two weeks before I returned to Chile and gave me the biggest plot twist i’ve ever had in my life“, he wrote in July 2020, to congratulate him on his birthday.

He was born in 1989 in the south of Chile, 500 km from the capital. From a very young age she began to feel interest in photography, an art with which she came into contact when she was a child and accompanied her parents to her recording sessions (they worked in an advertising agency) . She started taking photos of her friends and made some exhibition. She later went to Santiago de Chile to study Photography.

Over time, he published in magazines (Nylon, ID, Vice) and worked in some of the most important photography studios in Latin America, creating campaigns for Nike, Levi’s or Pepsi. She also collaborated with record labels, portraying musicians and in music videos.

Later, he expanded his training in New York. Now, during her Spanish life, she has signed photos in different publications, including Forbes or La Vanguardia, as well as for model agencies, fashion brand events or advertising campaigns. She has even acted as a fashion ‘instagrammer’, posing with clothes from different brands before thousands of followers and wearing great style.

In their profiles on networks you can find some photos -told- with the artist along with texts full of feeling. “Thank you 2020 for giving me and taking so much from me,” he wrote when he finished that year along with an image hugging the man from Madrid.

The birthdays of the author of ‘Too many women’, in whose video clip Rocío Aguirre makes a cameo – you can recognize her by her red dress and her Rosalía-style hair kissing the protagonist – are one of the occasions in which a message to her love is never lacking . “I love you, I adore you and I buy you,” she wrote last year. This July 16, she shared an image with the singer again. “Happy birthday, baby. You make me feel like my heart is going to explode with love.” The singer responded quickly with 4 hearts and calling her ‘my Chilean girl’.

Apart from this, the portraitist’s public love demonstrations are scarce and she came to sign that she regretted appearing in the video for ‘Going home’ and, in this way, mixing personal and professional life. In 2021, in an interview that she gave to S Moda, she stated that she had decided that she would not work with her boyfriend again so that nothing would affect her relationship, that she wanted her to be “sacred”.

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Who is the girlfriend of C. Tangana, the fashion photographer that everyone talks about?