With the encouragement of fans: Lali Esposito could be an Outstanding Personality of Culture

Lali Espósito is experiencing a great professional moment. So far this year she has released several hits and her performances have had a great response from her fans. Thanks to the success of tour discipline, The singer announced a show in Vélez a few days ago, on March 4, 2023.

In turn, on social networks the idea of ​​declaring the actress and singer gained strength on social networks outstanding personality of the culture. The request was made through the Change platform and reached the authorities.

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Lali Espósito presented her new songs in Buenos Aires after three years. (Photo: Press)

“Declare Outstanding Personality in the field of Culture of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to the singer, composer and actress Mariana “Lali” Esposito”, is the title of the project that legislators signed Matías López, Ana María Bou Pérez, Mercedes de las Casas, Carolina Estebarena, Esteban Garrido, María Luisa González Estevarena, María Sol Méndez (Let’s Go Together). He was also accompanied by Ofelia Fernández, Claudia Neira (Frente de Todos), María Inés Parry, Diego Weck (UCR).

What does the project say

“Multifaceted, magnetic and talented, Lali is one of the most beloved characters and admired from Argentina. At a young age he managed to build a career worthy of admiration, both in the musical plane and in acting. With his music and acting conquered the international public, without forgetting its roots or losing its closeness to its public”, highlighted the project that was presented in recent days.

“Lali is also an artist committed to reality and causes linked to feminism Yet the equal rights. With his charisma, he reached all Argentine homes and added followers of all generations. Lali is a star who represents her land, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Parque Patricios, all over the world, with unstoppable talent and strength.”

“The artist crosses the Argentine borders and adds millions of fans worldwide. The national and international music industry recognizes her as one of the great references of current music: respected by her fellow musicians, she reached #2 on Billboard’s “Social 50” global list and garnered the most relevant awards such as the “MTV Europe Award”. Music Awards”, “Billboard Awards”, “Fans Choice Awards”, ‘E! Awards”, “Heat Latin Music Awards” “Kids Choice Awards”, “Gaviotas de Oro y Plata de Viña del Mar”, just to mention a few”.

Watch the video with the live collaboration of Natalia Oreiro, Lali Espósito and La Sole. (Photo: Instagram / lalioficial)

“In 2022 Lali returned to her disco and pop music roots, releasing her new songs “Disciplina”, “Diva”, “Como Tu” and “N5″. With each pitch, Lali racked up millions of views and led the conversation in media and social networks. At the same time, the artist dazzles with the “Discipline Tour”, which began with two unforgettable presentations at the Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires, continues touring the stages of the country and will be extended with shows in Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Spain and Israel”, also highlighted the project.

On the verge of tears, Lali Espósito announced her first show in a stadium: “The Discipline Tour moves to Vélez”

Days ago, the singer confirmed her important presentation on her networks. “Oh guys, I’m going to cry! Listen to one thing, crazy and crazy manga, out and out: I put on this shirt that represents us all to announce that thanks to you for all the love you are giving to the ‘Discipline Tour’…”, started saying the sworn to The Argentine Voice (Telefe), who was dressed in the colors of the LGBT flag. And she completed: “I’m going to cry! Since they are completely crazy, this party moves to the fucking Velez stadium. oh!”.

From the networks to the Legislature: they propose to declare Lali Espósito “Outstanding Personality of Culture”

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The date chosen for this great concert is on March 4, 2023. After the announcement, the singer shared a video with the best moments of the tour and once again thanked all her followers for her unconditional support.

“It is all of you, those who leave everything in each show, those who have been leaving everything forever. I write it and I still don’t believe it! This party that we throw at each show has a new date and place. It’s happening!” he wrote next to the material in which he gave the big news.

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With the encouragement of fans: Lali Esposito could be an Outstanding Personality of Culture