“Women don’t cry, they bill”: Shakira and other empowered artists who earn money from their breakups

The new song by the Colombian singer Shakira together with the famous Argentine producer Bizarrap is sweeping. 25 million views in less than 10 hours, a figure that is expected to multiply indefinitely. In herShakira takes it out on her ex-partner, soccer player Gerard Piqué, and with his new partner, Clara Chía, with whom he was unfaithful for months. After I congratulate you Y Monotony songs that represent anger and sadness, Shakira completes the triad of heartbreak with BZRP music session #53 in which there is only a trace of empowerment and improvement. And he has done it in the best possible way: profiting from his heartbreak. In total, the Colombian singer has already earned 21 million with her anti-Piqué songs.

The Colombian already says it in her song: “Women no longer cry, women bill.” and esque monetizing breakups is something singers have been doing since the beginning of time. Myths like Eminem, Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars get tremendous profitability. The problem comes when Shakira, Karol G or Taylor Swift do it. Because if they are called great composers, with them always arises the adjective “despechadas”. However, in recent years and with the influence of the new wave of feminism, women not only make breakup songs, but they do so out of pride and empowerment.


If we talk about making money by taking advantage of a breakup, the diva is Karol G. After her notorious breakup with Anuel, also a reggaeton player, Karol G has given a strategic swerve to her musical career. She has become the reggaeton singer who represents female empowerment, overcoming breakup and mental health. ‘La mami’, ‘la bichota’, an intelligent woman who has known how to turn her career towards feminism without losing her essence and her catchy rhythms.

It all started in 2019 with the already mythical Cob with another diva, Nicky Minaj. And what is the tusa? Well, a colloquial expression from Colombia that does not have a translation into Spanish but is something like the anger and sadness that is felt at the end of a love relationship.

A song that tells of those post-breakup moments when you need each other distractions, friends and partying to heal. Although, from time to time, she still falls into that temptation of writing to the ex in the middle of the night

She no longer has an excuse, today she went out with her friend, supposedly to kill the tusaThat because a man paid her badly, she is hard and abusesShe got tired of being nice, now she’s the one who wears them

The Colombian went to the next level with the song 200 cups, a ballad charged with emotion, but above all with rage, in which she does not hesitate to speak to all her listeners as if they were her best friends to encourage them to leave toxic relationships behind. “This goes for everyone. Show him that he’s going to have to wear more son of a bitch if he wants to see you cry again“. With that phrase ends a song that calls to value yourself, to love yourself and abandon what hurts.

And we drink the two hundred drinks that are in the barAnd we get on to sing the “Tusa” until everything is goneTonight I will fulfill my missionIs that you repeat “the piece of shit is him and it’s not me”

But without any doubt, the hymn of generation Z before a breakup is their great song mommy along with another woman with a stratospheric career, Becky G. Breakups are always painful, but there comes a time when we realize that it was the best thing, that we weren’t doing well, that the breakup was the best option. At that moment, in which you would not return with your ex or for all the gold in the world, these two divas sing to him.

Don’t call me again, I even threw away my cell phoneFrom how toxic you are, it became harmfulWhat goes away, goes away, ah, make no mistake with meBecause of how toxic you are, I don’t want to see you anymore


The Mexican-American rapper has never had a problem exploiting her sexuality in her songs. Despite criticism, always has been an advocate that women can make songs about sex just like men do, although macho stereotypes still persist that harm them.

There are your mythical Greater Y no pajamas They openly talk about it. And, of course, it also does it in his most mythical breakup themeRam pam pamwhich she released with Natti Natasha after her breakup with singer Austin Mahone.

You stayed out, I threw away the keyNow I have another and it fits me richerYou already know’ bitter and he richer and softer

Another bombshell that has established Becky G as one of the artists who know how to take advantage of their breakups is Lovesicknessa hit that he took out together with Sofía Reyes, which is quite a declaration of intent in which they literally say that women do not need men and that in the event of a breakup, friends, party and walk

Filthy rat, creeping animal To tell how bad you did to me, I’m missing fingersI know that reviving the ‘dead’ cannot beAnd the one who doesn’t pay it, well, he owes it

Taylor Swift and how to have a song for every ex

Taylor Swift is without a doubt the queen of profiting from her sentimental life with her songs. She has been endlessly criticized for embodying her love relationships in her songs. And each time she has been criticized, she has defended herself with an argument: Men have been basing songs, and even records, on their love life and their breakups since the beginning of time and they have never been criticized.

The American singer-songwriter mentions artists like Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, and many others like Maluma or Eminem, who they make money off of their breakups and, usually, with an extra helping of machismo on top of it.

Choosing just one Taylor Swift breakup song is almost impossible: all too well, Grid, this love, back to december… A good part of his discography is based on this theme. But without any doubt, the most mythical are Shake it off Y We are never ever getting back together. With a livelier rhythm than usual and lyrics that cry out for a better life after the breakup, both songs have become true anthems.


Three Grammy Awards, five Brit Awards, two MTV Europe Music Awards, one MTV Video Music Award, and one American Music Award. Those are just a few of the awards artist Dua Lipa has won since she began her music career in 2014. A former model who has become a pop diva in just a few years.

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With such a short discography, the British singer of Kosovar Albanian origin has come up with two of the most epic breakup songs of recent years. With IDGF We knew what was to come from the title. are the initials of I don’t give a fuck which in Spanish would mean something like “I don’t give a shit”. And that’s the most beautiful thing that he says to her ex in the whole song in which she also says not to call him, that she doesn’t need him and to find someone else to listen to him.

The second, with a slightly softer title like New Rules It is more restrained, but no less epic for that. A topic that lists the three most important tips when leaving a relationship: “Don’t pick up his phone, don’t let him in the house and don’t be his friend“. A letter with which many can feel identified combined with an electronic melody perfect for dancing in a disco at three in the morning the moment they leave you.

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“Women don’t cry, they bill”: Shakira and other empowered artists who earn money from their breakups