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The issuance of a new report, the third of those prepared in 2020 and 2021 by the independent missions appointed by the UN Human Rights Council, on the commission of serious human rights violations in Venezuela through a State policy designed for that purpose and that, as a whole, typify true crimes against humanity, in itself means that the victims are being accompanied. It is done only by a part, the technical part, of the international community, which has not left these abandoned, to the fate of their tragedies as governments have done.

The investigation is precise as regards the determination of the facts, the identification of the organic structures of the police and military power arranged for the execution of the indicated generalized and systematic violations, the chains of command involved, and the precision of the presumed individual responsibilities that anchor at the top of the pyramid of the Venezuelan government. But only up to this point everything is in order and with a precise destination.

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If the world ecosystem were or were close, beyond what is nominal or conventional, to the commitments of International Justice that stemmed from the Holocaust and the Second Great War of the 20th century and that found as a delta the rule of universal jurisdiction for the trial of criminals, in parallel to the operation of the Nuremberg International Tribunal, would be the thing to celebrate. But the struggle between States and their governments, between the logic of sovereign power and the logic of respect for the inviolable dignity of the human person has been a constant that has not yet ceased, except for brief interstices.

The same debate within the UN to specify the international responsibility of the State – let alone that of the rulers – for human rights violations swallowed long decades (1949-2001), until a non-binding normative text was formalized that in the process eliminated of its articles to crimes against humanity. When the time comes, the International Criminal Court is created on the eve of the beginning of the current century. However, the ineffectiveness of their investigations and prosecutions is obvious, especially in the Venezuelan case.

The serious thing is that the same governments that make up the Human Rights Council, in the face of reports like the one that occupies these lines and is demonstrative that the Nazi absolute evil has been reborn, spreading like a cancer that metastasizes, nourished no longer by ideological dislocations or National Socialists but of interests in collusion with transnational organized crime, reduce the issue to a political problem, of votes.

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In short, reports and instructions that would serve, without further consideration, the domestic justice apparatus of the States or the immediate action of international criminal justice, are treated and dispatched by them as “diplomatic papers”, not a few sometimes transferred to the UN General Assembly to sleep the sleep of the just.

The case of Russia, after its crimes carried out in the Ukraine, is equally illustrative.

Given the paralysis of the Security Council and the disposition of the Russian veto, the United Nations Assembly had to act to revisit a problem that had been going on since 2014. And when it was declared that there was indeed a Russian aggression, they did not hesitate a moment. instantly the majorities of the Member States to confirm it. However, when the aporia of the presence of Vladimir Putin’s government in the Human Rights Council was discussed in a row, due to its attacks on the life and personal integrity of Ukrainians, it was divided almost in half. One approved the resolution and the other, not far from winning, was divided between those who were silent or those who denied, after all equally responsible for being indifferent to evil.

Save this burdensome circumstance, as long as the obstacles that oppose world impunity are not eliminated, the circumstance that, being crimes against humanity carried out by the government of Nicolás Maduro and his chain of command, are constitutionally and conventionally imprescriptible. . They are susceptible to universal persecution by any State and not only by the Rome Statute Court that has the file in its hands. We’ll have to wait, then.

In its report, the independent UN mission speaks of “severe beatings with bats and sharp objects; electric shocks to sensitive parts of the body…cuts and mutilations, including on the soles of the feet and under the nails…electric shocks to the genitals…forced feeding with feces and vomit” suffered by those who are taken, as enemies of the totalitarian regime and Venezuelan repressor to his dungeons. This causes chills, but the new government of the guerrillas and drug traffickers in Colombia celebrates it, appointing the Venezuelan president as its mediator of peace. And as happened with former President Juan Manuel Santos, it should not be dismissed that the tenant of Miraflores, validated by the Cuban regime, was declared a Nobel Prize winner.

Obviously, I don’t think that both ethical and practical folly and irrationality are enough to give this work a masterful closure in the theater of impudence and relativism, unless Russia and China win the war against Ukraine. In other words, even if Putin loses it, the narrative agreed by them at the beginning of the year, in Beijing, prevails. It says what Maduro himself, Alberto Fernández, Pedro Castillo, Gabriel Boric, Ortega-Murillo, Diaz Canel and López Obrador already practice, as Zelaya’s wife: “It is only up to the people of the country to decide if their State is democratic.”

The aforementioned powers, which should be badly underestimated, conclude for the New Era and in times of globalization that they will confront “the abuse of democratic values ​​and interference in the internal affairs of sovereign States under the pretext of protecting democracy and human rights”. We have those.

Asdrubal Aguiar

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▷ #COLUMNA Chronicles of Facundo: The trivialization of international crimes #25Sep – El Impulso