▷ Meeting between Unexpo and the productive sector of Lara state allowed relations to be strengthened and consolidated #24Nov – El Impulso

A meeting of experience and links between the university and the productive sector was held within the framework of the Unexpo 60th anniversarythrough which it was possible to strengthen and consolidate relationships with various entities, such as the Chamber of Industrialists, Commerce, EACI, Lara Sectional Venezuelan Red Cross, among other. Said activity was carried out this Wednesday, November 23 in the Central Building of the Office of the Vice President of Barquisimeto.

The event began with the words of the Academic Vice Chancellor, Fraisa Codecido, who on behalf of the Chancellor Rita Elena Áñez, expressed that the meeting served to share experiences and put the university in contact with companies and entities. In this way, it is possible to cover our own needs and the demand of the productive sector with what our alma mater contributes.

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Meanwhile he Regional Vice Chancellor, Amael Castellanos, He emphasized that the university, like the productive sector, has had to fight to get ahead in the face of the crisis that Venezuela is experiencing. Therefore, the Unexpo it is open to dialogue and to create alliances, because the ideal is to consolidate agreements that guarantee progress to build together a productive country.

The engineer Joel Segura, president of the Chamber of Industrialists, Jorge Rath, representative of the Cooperative Cecosesola and other special guests, stated that they have projects in which they can insert the university, because it has the qualified human capital to be able to develop them efficiently.

Some recognitions were also delivered at the meeting, including the one awarded to the Chamber of Industrialists within the framework of its 70th anniversary, to the Cecosesola Cooperative, after having received the Alternative Nobel Prize for its “equitable” economic model compared to the one based on profit; already the engineer unexpista Anaika Liz Álvarezfor having been awarded the Cilara 2022 Creativity and Innovation Award, Applicability Mention.

alliances are created

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During the event, the president of the Lara State Chamber of Commerce, Olym Valera He expressed that for 122 years his union has been working for the development of Lara state, and called for the union of merchants, businessmen and the university community. He invited companies to present projects that include university students, and to set objectives that are not only economic. He also spoke of the importance of formalizing the economy.

The representative of the board of directors of The Venezuelan Red Cross, Lara branch, Pedro Emilio Díazpointed out the need for the link between the university and the institution that resides with the development of projects that allow a better functioning of its facilities, such is the case of the recovery of an electricity generating plant, creation of a registration system of medical histories, among other proposals by students of the Unexpo. He also mentioned the usefulness of engineers or students from this house of studies in the development of plans that solve different problems that communities have.

In the case of the private company, the representatives of MetroTotal, José Luis Márquez; and from EACI, Magda Díaz; They explained that their contribution to the community is the creation of diploma courses, such as basic welding and automation and process control, among others that allow quality training and direct people to their university education.

The Plant Manager of Industrias Maros – Natulac, Marcel Lara, pointed out that the objective of this meeting is for companies to train the replacement generation.

student showcase

With an exhibition of work, the students of the Barquisimeto Vice President had the opportunity to shine through the Student Showcase, an activity where the best projects of the different engineering specialties taught in Barquisimeto and the nucleus of Carora were exhibited.

A total of 23 projects were exhibited, including: “Design of an automated machine for the production of cow’s milk cream” by Jesús García, a Mechatronics Engineering student. He also highlighted the “Electronic Drums using USB-HID joystick protocol” prepared by Pedro López, from Electronic Engineering.

For his part, Eranneil Cabrera from Chemical Engineering carried out a project entitled “Evaluation of photo-teron technology in the removal of DGO for the treatment of wastewater from an alcohol company”.

The event had a qualifying jury, who asked different questions and recommendations to the participants, to later choose the winners who will represent Unexpo at the Venezuelan Association for the Advancement of Science (ASOVAC) next year.

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▷ Meeting between Unexpo and the productive sector of Lara state allowed relations to be strengthened and consolidated #24Nov – El Impulso