10 books about the environment to read on summer vacation

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Earth is in a borderline situation. According to UNour planet is facing a triple planetary emergency: temperatures are rising too fast for humans and nature to adapt; the loss of biodiversity has led to approximately 1 million species being threatened with extinction; and pollution continues to poison our air, land, and water.

With the environment daywhich is celebrated every June 5 since its creation in 1973 by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the world organization tries to raise awareness of the crisis that we live and has become the world’s largest platform for disclosure environmental.

Since SDG ENCLAVEwe want to contribute to raising awareness about the need to protect our planet by selecting a essential book series to understand what is happening on our planet and why it is so important to take action.

1. ‘Other Worlds (Debate, 2022)

‘Other Worlds’ by Thomas Halliday


This book, of Thomas Halliday, a young Scottish paleobiologist, is a journey through sixteen ecosystems that existed on Earth in the past and how life recovered after each extinction. The work is a warning of the ominous future what awaits us In his interview for EL ESPAÑOL, he already warned: “The Earth is facing the same problems today as in other mass extinctions”

2. ‘You can save the world’ (Duomo, 2020)

'You can save the world', by Angela Green

‘You can save the world’, by Angela Green


The climate crisis that threatens our planet is a problem that is increasingly worrying, especially among the youngest. Angela Greenauthor of the book, shows 38 inspiring characters and 12 challenges to change your habits and contribute your grain of sand to save our planet.

3. ‘Silent Spring’ (2016, Review)

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“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson


Some say that Yes silent spring Had it not been published in 1962, the world’s leading environmental organization, Greenpeace, would not exist today.. It will never be known, but what is known is that this book was a revelation to understand what is happening on our planet. Rachel Carson, the author, has become one of the great responsible for the appearance of environmental movements.

4. ‘The sixth extinction’ (Criticism, 2015)

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“The Sixth Extinction” by Elizabeth Kolbert


Written by journalist The New Yorker and winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2015, Elizabeth Kolbert, this book explores the evils that plague our planet: human activity, the consumption of fossil fuels, ocean acidification, pollution, deforestation and forced migration. With this and human inaction, it raises the possibility of the arrival of a sixth mass extinction.

5. ‘We are water that thinks’ (Criticism, 2022)

'We are water that thinks', by Joaquín Araújo

‘We are water that thinks’, by Joaquín Araújo


Joaquin Araujo He is one of the most renowned naturalists and promoters in Spain. In his last book, We are water that thinks (Crítica, 2022), reflects on the importance of water on all life that exists on our planet. However, she tells her, we don’t appreciate her enough. We pollute it, we waste it… and every day we have less security for this fundamental resource.

6. ‘This changes everything’ (Paidós, 2015)

'This Changes Everything' by Naomi Klein

‘This Changes Everything’ by Naomi Klein


Canadian writer and activist Naomi Klein is one of the great voices behind the critique of globalization. In this book, she explains why it is necessary to address the climate crisis through the abandonment of the free marketrestructuring the global economy and our political systems.

7. ‘Let’s change the world’ (Lumen, 2019)

'Let's change the world', by Greta Thunberg

‘Let’s change the world’, by Greta Thunberg


In 2018, a Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg, started a school strike to protest inaction against climate change. Her action put all the politicians in the world in check. Now she has become a leader in the fight against the global climate crisis around the world and is a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. This book collect all his speeches.

8. ‘The nature of nature’ (Ariel, 2022)

'The nature of nature', by Enric Sala

‘The nature of nature’, by Enric Sala


In this work, the internationally renowned Spanish biologist, Enric Hallshows the Importance of all species that exist on Earth, from microbes to mammals, algae or sharks. And it warns that human activity is endangering the existence of many of them, which would have devastating consequences. Also, in the book addresses practical solutions What could we do to avoid this disaster?

9. ‘Families without plastic’ (Grijalbo, 2020)

'Families without plastic', by Marion de La Porte

‘Families without plastic’, by Marion de La Porte


this little illustrated guide of the French environmentalist based in Bilbao, Marion de la Portetalk about how it’s possible reduce the use of plastic and reach the zero waste. It offers a series of tips and guidelines for adopting a more environmentally friendly way of life at home and in the family. In addition, it is a progressive and gradual guide to make the process easier.

10. ‘Against the future: citizen resistance against climate feudalism’ (Debate, 2022)

'Against the future', by Marta Peirano

‘Against the future’, by Marta Peirano


From the technology journalist, Martha Peiranothis book explains that Today’s great technologies are not designed to combat climate change, but to manage people in the face of the climate crisis. As the author herself explains, “it is a new anti-apocalyptic story to build a hopeful future.” the book will be available starting June 9.

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10 books about the environment to read on summer vacation