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The optimal way to turn a doorknob, the development of an algorithm to help the curious decide when to tell the truth and when to lie, or a new study that suggests that the Mayans may have used enemas with alcohol or hallucinogenic herbs, are three of this year’s Ig Nobel laureates for research that “first makes you laugh and then makes you think.”

The awards aim to “celebrate the unusual and honor the imaginative,” according to its organizers, and each one of them is endowed with a 10 trillion dollar note from Zimbabwe, a currency that disappeared in 2015 and whose total would represent a few cents today. An economic award in keeping with the spirit of the Ig Nobel Prizes, which are still a parody of the Nobel Prizes.

They are financed by the satirical magazine “The Annals of Improbable Research”, which for 32 years has chosen the most extravagant studies from among all those published and reviewed by prestigious journals. They are usually delivered at Harvard University in the presence of real Nobel laureates, but this year, for the third time, the ceremony was virtual.

Engineering Award for How to Turn a Doorknob

It is one of life’s forgotten arts: the optimal way to turn a doorknob. Now, research on this question has been recognized with an Ig Nobel Prize.

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3 of the most extravagant studies of the 2022 Ig Nobel prizes – BBC News Mundo