5 books to motivate reading in children and young people during the holidays

The benefits of reading are widely documented and no one can refute them: it increases vocabulary, improves grammar and communication skills; It helps to awaken the critical sense and creativity, as well as strengthen memory and concentration.

This is especially important in children and young people of school age, since reading is one of the instrumental areas, which means that it helps them improve their performance in various subjects such as writing, spelling, and reading comprehension. It may interest you: 7 signs to identify learning disorders.

The challenge for parents is how to introduce their children to the world of books, beyond academic assignments. For this, the holidays are a great opportunity, because children and young people have more time to be interested in reading and explore their literary tastes.

In addition, reading during the school break allows fluency and reasoning to be exercised, particularly in primary school students, and prevents them from starting the next school year disoriented. It may interest you: 5 keys to encourage reading from home.

These are some of the books that, due to their theme, can attract the little ones and help them make reading a habit.

The little Prince

The well-known work by the French Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is one of the most widely read and translated books in the world and narrates the adventures of a prince through the universe, discovering various life lessons, such as the value of friendship and love. It is ideal for children as it is a short novel.

Grimm brothers’ stories

With more than 200 years of tradition, the stories written by the Grimm brothers continue to be an excellent option in children’s literature as they mix allegories and fantasy, key ingredients to captivate the little ones in the house and stimulate their imagination.

There is a wide variety of selections from the most popular stories, from the lesser known and with striking illustrations for those children who are beginning their path in the world of books.

girls secret book

Written by two young Colombian women: Mariángela Urbina and Cecilia Ramos Valencia, ‘The Secret Book of Girls’ is aimed at pre-adolescents and adolescents, as it brings together stories related to issues typical of this age, such as the relationship with mothers, divorce, menstruation and the first kiss.

This makes it connect with the emotions and sensations of young people, also giving advice on how to deal with such situations.

The authors invite parents to read the book with their daughters, to together understand issues related to their identity and their bodies.


This is the novel written by the British Roald Dahl, published at the end of the 80s, which inspired the homonymous film, released in 1996 and directed by Danny DeVito. The play is about a little ‘book-eater’, with great intelligence and even magical powers, but misunderstood by her family.

Why is the book worth reading in addition to watching the movie? Because the book contains several stories that did not make it to the big screen, it provides an explanation of the origin of Matilda’s powers and illustrates what happens to them when the girl advances in her school education.

we are all geniuses

With the aim of inspiring children between the ages of 6 and 8, this book written by José Arturo Torres and Andrew Maltés compiles the stories and contributions of 30 Nobel Prize winners in various areas of knowledge.

Volume one includes Gabriel García Márquez, Nelson Mandela, Irene Curie, Albert Camus, among others.

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5 books to motivate reading in children and young people during the holidays