5 films by the directors of “The Manager” that you can watch in streaming

Films created by the directorial duo of “The Manager”, Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat

They are the creators of one of the best Argentine series of recent times: Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat. The duo is behind the idea and creation of The one in charge, the series that has already broken viewing records on Star+. But both have already worked together in several films and in others they have done it individually. A list to take into account and enjoy his work in case you liked the series with Francella.

official competition

Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martínez star official competition, the most international film by the duo of directors. The film follows the story of a billionaire who wants to film a movie that marks a before and after. He then hires the best cast available in the world. But it won’t take long for egos to explode and the competition begins. It is available in the catalog of Star+.

A fun satire about the world of cinema starring Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martínez. (Good international view)

The man next door

This film, released in 2009, had the script by Duprat’s brother, Andrés, and was directed by the aforementioned duo. Starring Daniel Araoz and Rafael Spregelburd in the roles of Víctor and Leonardo respectively, it tells the conflictive story of two neighbors who will have a serious conflict when one of them wants to put a window on the party wall with a direct view of the other’s house. The film was shot in Curutchet’s house made by Le Corbusier. You can see this film in Prime Video.

A neighbor who wants to put a window in a party wall where he can see his next door neighbor

the distinguished citizen

This 2016 film that gave Oscar Martínez the Copla Volpi as best actor at the Venice Film Festival, is one of the best productions of this duo. The film tells the story of Daniel Mantovani, a Nobel Prize winner in literature who has lived in Europe for many years. But at one point he accepts an invitation to visit his hometown in Argentina. He thus leaves Barcelona and returns to Argentina, a country that he has criticized for a long time. But things are going to get complicated when he arrives in his hometown. The cast is completed by Manuel Vicente, Dady Brieva, Belén Chavanne, Andrea Frigerio and Marcelo D’Andrea among others. You can see it in Netflix.

A Nobel Prize winner for literature living in Europe accepts an invitation from his hometown in Argentina to be distinguished as an Illustrious Citizen.

My masterpiece

In this case, the duo split up and who directed this film is Gastón Duprat. The film stars Guillermo Francella and Luis Brandoni and was released in theaters. The plot focuses on a rebellious painter named Renzo (Brandoni), whose career is in full decline and is reluctant to take jobs brought to him by the gallery owner he has been working with for years, Arturo (Francella). My masterpiece It has an interesting twist near the end that is very eye-catching. Andrea Frigerio, Raúl Arévalo and María Soldi complete the cast. The film is available at Netflix.

Film directed by Gastón Duprat, starring Guillermo Francella and Luis Brandoni


In this film the couple also split up and who took over the direction is Mariano Cohn. Peter Lanzani is a stereo thief who steals a 4×4 truck. But the owner of the car, tired of being robbed, created a system so that the next thief is locked in the truck with no chance of getting out. The climate of claustrophobia that is generated in each scene is the key point of this story. The cast is completed by Dady Brieva and Luis Brandoni. It can be seen at Star+.

Film directed by Mariano Cohn, with Peter Lanzani who plays Ciro, a car thief who gets trapped in a van during the robbery


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5 films by the directors of “The Manager” that you can watch in streaming