55 years since the announcement of the Nobel Prize

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David Lepe

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We all have a television series to which we find a special charm, although we do not like it at all and we know that it is poorly done, either because of weak writing, weak character profiles or a tone that does not correspond to the story, among other unfortunate slips . And of course, we find it impossible to recommend it because, come on, it’s sad. Why make our fellow man suffer?

It is a delicate situation. It is also not a heroic act like serving as a human shield to a gunshot, but it is a feat that can save a person from pain and embarrassment, and not waste their valuable time.

This peculiar case happened to me with she hulk: Attorney at Law, Universe series Marvel Cinematic (MCU, in English). In my humble opinion, this is the best example of how the MCU is going from bad to worse in terms of the stories/products/content that it has been introducing to its audience.

“What audience?” You can ask yourself, astute reader, and I find logic in your doubt.

Does the MCU want to please children, teenagers, adults, sexists, feminists, minorities, tv lovers, masses, niches, dogs, cats? That is a topic for another occasion and column.

Today I decided not to use this space to talk about everything bad about she hulk: Attorney at Law. For that there are dozens of explicit videos on YouTube that have been dedicated to this since the day of its release; some even before the premiere. I won’t defend her either.

For this column I chose to reflect and think out loud about my motivation for watching this series.

For this column I chose to reflect and think out loud about my motivation to watch this series that, I repeat, I did not like at all, although I was there every week watching the nine episodes of the first one (and I hope the last one, for the love of life). season.

My father has the ability (before he described it as a bad habit) to finish watching a movie or series that he started to see, regardless of whether he disliked it along the way. As much as my mother, brothers and myself commented to him, proposed or begged him to turn off the television, he always responded “I want to see how it ends”.

So, aside from my own hereditary curiosity to see where it would all end, another motivation for watching She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was Jennifer Walters, who becomes She-Hulk. With better rated writers, this character could have had a wonderful story arc.


But, with what was had, I was able to identify with her. In the end, Jane is a person with promising talent, but every day she must battle against her fears and insecurities, until she reaches desperate limits of mental and emotional disability. Just like you or me. Finally, and although I have already learned the lesson from my friend Alex (who says that one or two good episodes do not make a good series), the fourth, with Wong “The Sorcerer Supreme”; and the eighth, with Daredevil; I enjoyed them with emotion, laughter and tension.

In the end, although I didn’t like the series (did I mention it already?), it did accomplish something important and I think that was the main reason for my interest: She-Hulk: Attorney at Law entertained me. So simple. Like good gossip, yes, one of those that, when listening to them, minutes later you think “good gossip, but I won’t tell this one better to someone else, it can be dangerous.”

You can now play She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney+at your own risk and expense. And if you see it, tell me what you thought, since I still don’t know anyone who has seen it.

David Lepe

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55 years since the announcement of the Nobel Prize