76 years after the Nobel Prize, the Ministry of Cultures presents Obra Reunida by Gabriela Mistral

– 76 years ago Gabriela Mistral received the Nobel Prize for Literature from the hands of King Gustav V of Sweden, thus being the first Latin American figure and the fifth woman in history to receive it.

– Milestone was celebrated with the delivery of the Reunited Work of Gabriela Mistral, an initiative in charge of the Ministry of Cultures, its 8 volumes are aimed at multiple and diverse readers, both fans and specialists interested in the work of Mistral, the idea of ​​these works arose during the commemoration of the 75 years of this award.

The Gabriela Mistral Museum in Vicuña was the place chosen to commemorate the 76th anniversary of Lucila Godoy Alcayaga’s Nobel Prize. And to celebrate this milestone in a big way, the Minister of Cultures, Arts and Heritage presented the eight volumes of the Obra Reunida.

The objective of the books is to make the work of the Chilean poet, diplomat and pedagogue more widely known, whether in its version in verse and prose. The publications are aimed at multiple and diverse readers, both amateurs and specialists interested in his work.

This work was in charge of a group of renowned Mistralians, coordinated by the expert Jaime Quezada, the academic Magdalena Sepúlveda, the editor and poet Carlos Decap, and who was in charge of ordering and classifying the legacy of Gabriela Mistral donated by Doris Atkinson, Gustavo Barrera, all of them under the direction of the head of the National Library Editions, Thomas Harris.

“It is the hundredth anniversary of his work Desolation, 100 years of his unforgettable trip to Mexico, where he wrote a lot of poetry but also a very important educational work that to this day Mexico appreciates and recognizes,” says Consuelo Valdés, Minister of the Cultures, Arts and Heritage.

And he adds that “Gabriela has yet to be recognized in her universality, in her depth, her love for her land, for Elqui, and how Elqui made universal, Chilean women, plants, birds through her. , to everything … and that is what we must celebrate ».

Valdés relates that they took advantage of this opportunity to deliver this collection of eight collected works by Gabriela Mistral, «it has been an effort made by the State but tremendous support from Mistralians, from Pedro Pablo Zegers, director of the National Library, which we thought we had to do it for this debt that we had to have his work gathered in these eight volumes ».

The minister maintains that “she always asked that her place have more of an orchard than a home, and this museum responds to that desire of her … Gabriela Mistral is one of the greatest humanist intellectuals, and also a visionary, that our country has had, He advanced on many issues, such as the value of women. As a minister, I am very excited, I read it as a child in high school and I have continued to do it, and every time I do it I find new things ».

The director of the National Library, one of the promoters of the publication, points out that this activity «meant a wonderful closing for a great project that immersed us in Mistral’s work and that today we deliver with sincere happiness to the Vicuña Museum, in honor of the great job they do keeping alive the figure of our great poet.

Gabriela Mistral Region

The minister makes it clear that “there is still much to read and discover about Gabriela Mistral, and I hope this region bears her name, there are regions of our country that are named after men, why not that this region be named after a woman and letters ».

For his part, the mayor of Vicuña, Rafael Vera, points out that they are happy to celebrate the 76th anniversary of the awarding of the Nobel Prize for literature in Sweden, “they have marked the literary history of the world, but particularly of a commune like ours, who looks with admiration not only to have a Nobel Prize, but also to have such a remarkable woman born in our commune, with ideas that are so current today.

“Having the presence of the minister has been the finishing touch, without a doubt the delivery of these eight volumes clearly show that Gabriela is present, that her work is present, that a new book is being edited every day and that there are actors who want to place their figure at the top of the list of our country, “he adds.

For Vera, “Gabriela Mistral is not from Vicuña or Chile, she is from the world, but if she was born in this commune, obviously we are deeply proud of doing this type of recognition.”

The mayor agrees with the minister regarding a possible change in the name of the region, an initiative that he had already raised a few years ago, “this region should bear the name of Gabriela Mistral, we believe it may be the Coquimbo region of the poet Gabriela Mistral , a fair and necessary recognition.

«There are regions that are named after different people and I think that none of them has the size that our Nobel Prize has, and for the same reason, I believe that it is still an opportunity for us to materialize this project, which would be so important for the literary world , the women in our country and for all of us who love Gabriela Mistral », he added.

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76 years after the Nobel Prize, the Ministry of Cultures presents Obra Reunida by Gabriela Mistral