A Mathematics Teacher from the Coquimbo Region is the new winner of the Global Teacher Prize Chile 2021

The professor of Mathematics at the Leonardo Da Vinci School in Vicuña, Maritza Arias, won the award of the sixth edition of the Global Teacher Prize Chile, in a ceremony that took place this Tuesday in the Patio de Las Comunicaciones of Televisión Nacional. This recognition seeks, since 2016, to recognize the professional role, effort and dedication of thousands of teachers in the country.

“The most important thing about this recognition is that it allows me to show my work. I like to publicize the work in mathematics and also outreach in different organizations, not only in my school. I have worked hard on that, to try to be a contribution and support other teachers in different ways, ”commented the new winner of the Global Teacher Prize Chile, who also received $ 10,000 for this recognition.

With more than 15 years of experience as a mathematics teacher, Arias has specialized in scientific and astronomical dissemination in Vicuña, an area internationally known for having one of the best skies for astronomical observation. In this environment, he has sought that astronomy becomes the center of his teaching, thus combining questions about the universe with his innate talent with numbers.

Likewise, the teacher made astronomy a subject within the extracurricular offers of the establishment. She also promoted the first part of the project “Mathematics applied to astronomy”, with which she hopes to motivate many teachers in Chile.

This year, the award – recognized worldwide as the “Nobel Prize for Teaching” – received more than five thousand nominations from teachers and educators from 16 regions of the country. After the deliberation of the jury – made up of leading experts in education – last November the five finalists who reached the final stretch were announced.

Category Music

Since 2020, Choose Educar has given special recognition to music teachers who from their area are generating great changes in the lives of their students. The jury selected María José Jiménez, a teacher at the General Pedro Lagos Marchant School in Arica, as the new winner of the Music category of the Global Teacher Prize Chile 2021.

Thanks to his work, he has managed to empower his students with music and has led them to perform outside of their classrooms. Such has been an impact within his community, that this year he received the recognition of the Ministry of Education as an Outstanding Regional Teacher.

“Earning this recognition makes me feel very proud to have had great teachers in my life who inspired me to persevere and give my all, even when working conditions have not always been favorable,” said Professor Jiménez.

“To become part of the Global Teacher Prize Chile, especially in this period of health crisis and pandemic, is to sow the idea that there are many teachers who silently seek to generate a change in the lives of their students, and constantly test their abilities to create magical spaces of inspiration for so many generations “, he acknowledged.

Recognition of teaching work

“The finalists of this award represent and demonstrate how transformative the teaching profession is in our society. The case of Maritza Arias shows us how astronomy has contributed to the integral development of her students and, from her role, has impacted on the professional future of many of her students. We are proud to be able to share their story and, through it, recognize thousands of teachers, ”said Joaquín Walker, Executive Director of Choose Educar.

Meanwhile, the Undersecretary of Education, Jorge Poblete, affirmed that this award “is a recognition of all teachers who strive every day to innovate and incorporate new techniques. We saw wonderful examples at this award show. For the Ministry of Education it is a pride to be able to recognize in this instance the professors who give their best every day to get their girls, boys and young people forward ”.

Likewise, the Undersecretary of Higher Education, Juan Eduardo Vargas, stressed that “being a teacher is one of the most wonderful and important professions in a society, since the future of it is played largely in the education that is delivered to the new generations. Furthermore, in a context in which it is necessary for all of us to make every effort to attract talented young people to study teaching careers, we tremendously value this type of initiative, which allows us to highlight the role that teachers have ”.

Along the same lines, the director of the Unesco Regional Office of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean, Claudia Uribe, affirmed that “the Global Teacher Prize Chile is a great initiative that recognizes and makes visible the great work that teachers do and teachers inspiring, changing lives, giving hope and opening opportunities for thousands of children. It is up to all of us to dignify their great work and thank them for their dedication ”.

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A Mathematics Teacher from the Coquimbo Region is the new winner of the Global Teacher Prize Chile 2021