A Nobel laureate and a head of government, among others

The list of former students of Colegio Apostol is long, very long. Not in vain is it the largest college in the community, as well as one of the most prestigious. That is why among these are numerous personalities, not only from the city, but even internationally.

One of the most famous, if not the most, is Camilo José Cela, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1989. He studied high school in 1924 and 1925, but did not graduate there, as he was expelled. They collect the history books of the school that this expulsion was due to the fact that one day he decided to release the pigs from the farm that were then in the center’s dependencies. In his memoirs he recalls the “show” of the Jesuits running after the pigs “with their cassocks in the air” with the humorous tone that characterized him.

A more unnoticed personality, but no less important, who graduated from this center was Manuel Portela Valladares. This politician, from the promotion of 1879, became prime minister at the time of the Second Republic. In addition, he founded the Vigo newspaper “El Diario Gallego”, now defunct.

Among other well-known politicians who studied at this historic college there are two vice-presidents of the Xunta: Manuel Romay Beccaría (class of 1941) and Anxo Quintana (1976). So did two mayors of Vigo: Antonio Ramilo Fernández-Areal (1945) and Ventura Pérez Mariño (1965), who was also recognized as distinguished Vigo in 2015. In addition, the current president of the Parliament of Galicia, Miguel Santalices (1975) also He graduated from the Apostle College.

The list of alumni is full of well-known people. Genaro Borrás, Celta’s doctor for more than 25 years, graduated in 1963. Historical shipyard families such as Feire, Cardama or Barreras are also registered as alumni of the Colegio Apóstol. In the world of art are the sculptor Juan José Oliveira (1947), author of the sculpture of the Praza horses in Spain; the late singer-songwriter Suso Vaamonde (1968); or the member of the musical group ‘Dangerous Friendships’ Alberto Comesaña (1979). The president of the Confederation of Businessmen of Galicia, José Manuel Fernández Alvariño (1964), also studied there. It was also done by one of the distinguished women from Vigo this year, the astrophysicist Begoña Vila (1981), one of the most outstanding engineers who worked on the James Webb telescope.


The Association of Former Students of the Colegio Apóstol is one of the great supports of the center today. This is in charge of documenting the 150 years of the center and preserving the memory of this historic school. “We fully support the school and carry out all kinds of cultural activities on its behalf,” explains José Carlos Espinosa, technical secretary of the association.

One of its most precious assets, in addition to the photographic catalog of the history of Colegio Apóstol, is a database with nearly 20,000 former students that the association constantly updates. In addition, they publish a magazine called ‘Bellavista’ that serves as communication with the associates to keep them up to date with the news of the school.

The association also celebrates national congresses, among which the one in 1999 stands out, when a pilgrimage to Compostela was organized that included students from all the schools of the Society of Jesus.

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A Nobel laureate and a head of government, among others