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In more than 160 years of diplomatic relations between the United States and Paraguay, there is a flagship educational program that has benefited nearly 500 Paraguayans who have accessed the Fulbright scholarship, an initiative that this 2021 celebrates 75 years of existence.

Fulbright is the flagship international academic exchange program sponsored by the US Government and this year marks 75 years of its existence. According to the description of the North American embassy in our country, this program is designed to “increase mutual understanding between the peoples of the United States and of other countries.” Paraguay has nearly 500 former grantees and more than 600,000 professionals from around the world, leaders in their areas, have participated in the program.

Academic milestones

“In our shared history of more than 160 years of diplomatic relations between the United States and Paraguay, among our most important bilateral successes are our Fulbright scholars and scholars,” says Joseph “Joe” Salazar, charge d’affaires at the US Embassy. United States in Paraguay.

“The investment of our governments and these Paraguayan students in the Fulbright exchange program has reaped incalculable benefits: skills and knowledge, in addition to the relationship between peoples and cultural understanding between Americans and Paraguayans,” he adds.

On the other hand, he details that in just six years, the Fulbright-Becal Program has grown four times more thanks to “our association with the Paraguayan Government. We hope to further increase the number of Paraguayan master’s, doctoral, and post-doctoral students in the United States for further growth and prosperity in Paraguay, ”he emphasizes.

No age limits

Those interested in applying for this scholarship that covers the stay plus academic stipends at a university in the United States, the requirements are as follows: be of Paraguayan nationality or a naturalized citizen and resident in Paraguay. Priority will be given to candidates who have had no prior experience in the United States. Have completed university education and obtained a bachelor’s degree. Demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and the ability to share ideas and experiences. As well as demonstrate proficiency in the English language. One of the highlights is that there is no age limit to apply to the program.

As for the dynamics, the call for applicants opens every year from February to the end of May. The one for the year 2021 corresponds to the “promotion 2022-2023”, since the scholarship holders would begin their studies in the US in 2022. This year, a total of 20 scholarships have been offered, of which five scholarships are financed by the Government. from the US in all areas of knowledge, except those requiring clinical practice. Includes Fubright General and Fulbright for university teachers; 15 scholarships financed by the Government of the Republic of Paraguay, through the Becal program with the following distribution: five scholarships for Master’s in Education, five scholarships for Master’s in CTI and five scholarships for Doctorates in CTI.

Since 1952

The first Fulbright scholars from Paraguay obtained the scholarship in 1952. Since then to date, Paraguay has had about 500 scholarship recipients, says Tania Vargas, current president of the former Fulbright scholars in our country.

Itinerary in Paraguay

1952 – 2009: five scholarships per year. From 1959 to 2009 there were five positions for graduate professionals and university teachers in the Fulbright General category.

2010 – 2014: ten scholarships per year. To the five scholarships offered by the US Government in Paraguay, five scholarships were added thanks to an agreement with Itaipu for specific careers. With this, a total of 10 places per year was reached. The agreement with Itaipú ended in 2014.

2016 – 2020: fifteen scholarships per year. An agreement is signed with Becal, an agreement by which 10 scholarships are added each year financed by the Paraguayan Government, totaling 15 scholarships per year including the 5 Fulbright scholarships financed by the US Government.

2021: twenty scholarships per year. The agreement with Becal is renewed, which grows to 15 scholarships financed by the Paraguayan Government and five scholarships by the US Government.

In figures

40 Fullbright scholarship recipients became president of the republic of their country.

61 Fullbright fellows received the Nobel Prize.

16 Fullbright Scholars received the US Presidential Medal of Freedom.

89 Fullbright scholars were awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

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