Adriana Lucía will be with Rigoberta Menchú, Nobel Peace Prize, in a campaign against xenophobia in Colombia

Adriana Lucía and Rigoberta Menchú. Photos: Courtesy

With the arrival of millions of Venezuelan citizens to the country in recent years, different organizations seek to promote spaces and strategies in which the inhabitants of both countries meet with respect. Many of these strategies are supported by public figures who reach more people with a message of acceptance and rejection of xenophobia.

For example, this Thursday, October 28, Acnur and Fenalper will launch the initiative ‘Panas Personerías against Xenophobia’ an initiative that seeks to strengthen municipal authorities in matters of care for Venezuelan refugees and migrants, who come to these places in search of guidance and support in the protection of their rights.

In the middle of the launch event of this campaign will be the Colombian singer Adriana Lucia, who recently announced her pregnancy and whom we have seen several times supporting initiatives against xenophobia and respect for human rights. But in addition to the artist, she will share the moment together with the Nobel Peace Prize, Rigoberta Menchú, also with a Venezuelan person who, like many of his compatriots, had to flee his country in search of better opportunities.

Adriana Lucía and Rigoberta Menchú will be in the celebration of the Tenth National Assembly of Personerías de Colombia, which will be held in Bucaramanga, where the strategy that seeks to train more than 1,100 representatives of the country reaffirming its commitment to mitigate xenophobia in the territories and favor the integration and inclusion of migrants.

Regarding this initiative, the representative for Colombia of the United Nations Agency for Refugees, Acnur, Josef Merkx pointed out that it marks a milestone in the defense of the rights of migrants in Colombia. “Without a doubt the initiative Personerías Panas against Xenophobia, within the framework of our We Are Panas Colombia campaign, It is a decisive step to make visible and strengthen the commitment of representatives to the prevention of xenophobia and the promotion of inclusion”.

He added that the importance of reaching the representatives with this type of initiatives is great, since “the personeros and personeras are those figures close to the population, who are on your side and who defend what is most valuable: your rights. For this reason, this action with them and they who are present in each municipality of the country is so significant for UNHCR ”.

Precisely, what is expected from the organizations with the initiative is that all the municipal representatives of the country meet to create spaces for dialogue and reflection on the challenges they have from their role as leaders and defenders of human rights in terms of the care of refugees, as well as the opportunities that this situation generates. They will mainly address the opportunities that exist in terms of human mobility and with regard to the protection of human rights of the Venezuelan refugee and migrant population.

It should be noted that ‘Personerías Panas contra la Xenophobia’ is part of a joint project between the National Federation of Personerías de Colombia, Fenalper and Acnur. This is because from the federation they are looking for officials from all over the country to strengthen themselves in the care of migrant citizens and this proposal coincides with the objectives of the UNHCR campaign, ‘We are Panas Colombia’, which seeks reduce the manifestations of xenophobia towards refugees and migrants, promoting solidarity.

This alliance between Fenalper and UNHCR has made it possible to strengthen the municipal authorities for the care of refugees and migrants from Venezuela. We are pleased to be part of this initiative that seeks, from the legal entities, to reduce any manifestation of xenophobia against Venezuelan refugees and migrants throughout the country, ”said Jesualdo Arzuaga, executive director of Fenalper.

The launch of this campaign will take place this Thursday, October 28, at 5:00 pm at the Neomundo Centro de Convenciones de Bucaramanga, on Calle 89 Transversal Oriental Metropolitana. AND will have a symbolic act in which the singer Adriana Lucía will participate, an ally of Somos Panas Colombia, Rigoberta Menchu, Nobel Peace Prize and Prince of Asturias Prize for International Cooperation.


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Adriana Lucía will be with Rigoberta Menchú, Nobel Peace Prize, in a campaign against xenophobia in Colombia