After the murder of Juan Carlos Muñiz in Zacatecas, Nobel Peace Prize winner demands security for journalists

On the afternoon of last Friday, March 4, he was murdered in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Juan Carlos Munizjournalist at the news agency Multimedia Mining Witness, while driving a taxi, work that alternated with the coverage of police issues in this entity. He is the seventh journalist to be killed in Mexico this year alone.

Through its social networks, the portal Mining Witness condemned the homicide and demanded that the Attorney General’s Office and the state authorities carry out an exhaustive investigation to find those responsible for the murder of Juan Carlos Muñiz.

In addition, the portal announced that the reporter Juan Carlos Munizwho was known as “Rigoberto” or “The TX”also made some participations with other state media.

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According to information from MillenniumJuan Carlos Muñiz also worked as a firefighter in the Fresnillo municipal civil protection unit.

Nobel Peace Prize winner joins the demand for justice

This March 6, Adolfo Perez EsquivelNobel Peace Prize winner in 1980, called on countries to protect journalists in a letter he sent to question.

“Men and women who embraced journalism with passion, calling and denouncing human rights violations and of peoples in various parts of the world, many were and are victims of violence and gave their lives for truth and justice,” says Pérez Esquivel.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner also points out the impunity in which crimes against journalists are found in the world: “It is necessary for the State to contemplate this situation and generate legal instruments to protect these people. It is not possible that only 10% of these crimes reach justice and barely 1% of the guilty receive a sentence”.

Remember also that journalist Maria Ressa from the Philippines and journalist Dmitry Muratov from Russia they were recognized with the Nobel Prize for their contributions to peace “after suffering persecution, imprisonment, threats and the murder of those who were their co-workers.”

The human rights defender considers that “UNESCO must raise its voice against the continuous violations of the human rights of journalists, men and women who assume with dignity the fight for freedom of information. News organizations are critical to raising awareness and protecting journalists.”

You can read the full letter here.

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Journalists demand justice

The night of Saturday March 5, journalists they manifested in front of the Government Palace of Zacatecas to demand justice for the murder of Juan Carlos Muñiz. They expressed the fear of working in the face of the climate of violence that exists in the entity.

As well lawmakers sued actions that protect the human rights of the journalists of Zacatecas, since they denounced the lack of protocols, measures and legislation in this matter.

Zacatecas is located in the fifth national place in intentional homicides for every 100,000 inhabitants, according to the Secretary of National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval. The municipalities with the highest crime rate are Fresnillo, Guadalupe and Zacatecasthese are also the ones with the largest population in the state and there is a 55% deficit of police officers, as we report in this note.

Violence against journalists grows

With Juan Carlos Muniz In the first 63 days of 2022, seven journalists have been murdered in the country: Jose Luis Gamboa-Arenas (January 10, Veracruz), Margarito Martinez Esquivel (January 17, Tijuana, Baja California), Lourdes Maldonado Lopez (January 23, Tijuana, BC), Robert Toledo Barrera (January 31, Zitacuaro, Michoacan), Marco Ernesto Flores Islands (February 6, Tijuana, BC), Heber Lopez Vasquez (February 10, Salina Cruz, Oaxaca).

According to data from Article 19organization that defends the human rights of this guild, every 14 hours a member of the press is attacked or threatened. The six-year term President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador already accumulates 31 journalists murdered or assassinated.

From the year 2000 to February 2022, 150 journalists have been murdered in Mexico in possible connection with his work. among these people, 138 were men and 12 were women. Our country heads the list of the deadliest countries for journalism, according to Human Rights Watch and other national and international organizations that defend those who carry out this work.

Of the total number of attacks registered in the first half of 2021, between 53.76% was against journalists who covered topics related to corruption and politics, in addition to 37.33% of these attacks was committed by public officials, authorities, state agents.

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Stigmatization against journalists continues in Mexico

President López Obrador’s speech has been characterized by the stigmatization of journalists and media outlets in the country during his morning conferencesa situation that has been replicated by other party leaders and public officials in various states of the country.

It is a constant stigmatization by the political power, headed by the President of the Republic against the press, which “increases the risks for journalists to suffer more attacks,” he said in October 2021 Paula Saucedo, protection program officer Article 19.

For this reason, from July 2021, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) solicitous the government of Mexico to reconsider the space “Who is who in the lies” considering that it could affect the guarantees for a free and informed debate in the country.

The same day they murdered Juan Carlos Muniz in Zacatecas, the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the IACHR, peter cowhe stated through his account Twitter that in Mexico still “The crisis of violence against the press is not recognized” and that “The official stigmatizing discourse towards the press intensified”.

On March 5 at an event in Oaxaca, Mario Slim, national leader of Morenacalled journalists “mercenaries of the media” who, according to him, attack that party and President López Obrador.

“It is no coincidence that some media mercenaries who call themselves journalists, but who are not journalists, are now going all out. They are not exercising freedom of expression,” said Delgado. Faced with these statements, the response of workers from the media present was a boo and the demand for Mario Delgado to respect the press.

In the first three months of the year, journalists in various states of the country have demonstrated to demand justice and an end to violence against the press, but they have also protested during the president’s morning conferences, such as the one on February 17 in Tijuana.

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After the murder of Juan Carlos Muñiz in Zacatecas, Nobel Peace Prize winner demands security for journalists