Alberto Ísola celebrates his 50 years of stage career with the play “The Caretaker”

This 2022, the actor and director Alberto Ísola celebrates 50 years of stage career. A milestone that he celebrates by taking a new leading role in his career, in the play “The Caretaker”, written by Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter and directed by Mikhail Page for the British theater.

Although the premiere was scheduled for April 2020, it had to be stopped due to the pandemic. For this reason, it hit the charts on Saturday June 11 and will be available until Sunday July 24. Along with Ísola, the cast is completed by actors Eduardo Camino and Óscar Meza.

the caretaker“, a kind of black comedy, was written in 1959 and is considered one of the most successful works of the British playwright. A hilarious text, with absurd and funny moments, that outlines a society in decline where intolerance and the little capacity of the characters to relate to each other, leads us to question ourselves about where we are going as a society.

The performances are face-to-face and tickets are on sale through the Joinnus platform.

Alberto Ísola on “The Caretaker”: “One of the biggest challenges of my career”

For Alberto Isola, playwright Harold Pinter is “the most unclassifiable author of all time.” As he maintained in a statement, it is “impossible to outline it, group it, resolve it in a theatrical genre, and that is what makes it unique in the history of theater.” “His works of his are an accurate x-ray of the elusive and tangled behavior of the human being,” he said.

“‘The Caretaker’ was the play that gave him worldwide recognition and installed him as one of the greatest playwrights of the English theater. Taking it to the stage in Lima now, after its great production with the Telba group more than 40 years ago, It is one of the biggest challenges of my career, because the validity of ‘The Caretaker’ also lies in its context: in a space where the outside is a constant threat to the inside. Those are the times we live in now in the world and that they envision a fateful future for us if we don’t do something to coexist with the other, the one who is different from us,” he added.

Synopsis for “The Caretaker”

The work set in the near future, in which society and the environment are reaching a breaking point. It is here that a drifter named Davies and two brothers, Mick and Aston, are three men who seem completely trapped in their own individual worlds.

Aston brings Davies back to his apartment, a space littered with junk and junk, after the latter has been involved in a fight. They proceed to try to find a way to live together, but any chance of connection is constantly interrupted by Aston’s brother, the unpredictable and fickle Mick, who torments, tricks and harasses Davies at every opportunity.

The data

Dates: from June 11 to July 24


– Friday and Saturday at 8 pm

– Sundays at 7 pm


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Alberto Ísola celebrates his 50 years of stage career with the play “The Caretaker”