Alert for a suspicious job search in La Plata that could be a trap

In the offer they detailed “we are dedicated to creating vegan food, punk bands, cafeteria and events for people from different political spaces (with a preference for LGBT)“. In addition, they added that they need ten people to work in a cultural center. The striking thing is that it would be from Wednesday to Sunday and The base salary is $85,000, which with extra earnings would rise to $120,000 per extremely high value for the salaries that are usually offered in this type of institution.

Another detail that set off the alarms is that it is not necessary to contact previously “since we will only talk with those who approach the place”. In that sense, it could be a “witch hunt” as defined in social networks, in which they invite people from the LGBTQ+ community to approach the place with a tempting salary, and then attack them for their identity or sexual orientation.

In many of their communications they refer to detained-disappeared persons as “terrorists”refloat in their networks the theory of the “two demons”, “the dirty war” and “the subversive threat” and also share material from vindication of military repressors.

Also from space they damaged and painted murals from La Plata for Memory, Truth and Justice with expressions such as “Death” on the faces of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo or wrote “Communist Lefties” on the mural-tribute to the historic leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR) Otto Vargas.

At the same time, the CCKR presents itself in its networks as “a cultural-political space of an anti-communist and anti-gender ideology nature”.

In addition, the entity refers to a supposed crisis of the “Western and Christian values”which points to the visibility of minorities and the progress in human rights policies as the culprits of the decline of civilization.

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The name of the Kyle Rittenhouse Cultural Center, with acronym “CCKR” located on 5th Street between 64 and 65 of the Buenos Aires capital, make reference toThe young man who killed two people at the Kenosha anti-racism demonstrations.

Rittenhouse is charged with five felonies: voluntary manslaughter in premeditated homicide; qualified reckless homicide; attempted premeditated murder; and two counts of recklessly endangering safety. He is also charged with misdemeanor possession of a dangerous weapon under the age of 18 and one non-criminal violation of failure to comply with an emergency order.

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Representatives of human rights organizations and political leaders repudiated the opening of the CCKR, since it encourages “the denial of the crimes committed by the last civic-military dictatorship and the gender policies and diversities in the city of La Plata are attacked”.

In this framework, different personalities questioned the group and rejected the spread of their hate speech. The president of the Provincial Commission for Memory (CPM) and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Perez Esquivelanalyzed that the sayings of the members of the cultural center “They are reprehensible from every point of view” and stated that “they have no historical memory.”

Pérez Esquivel analyzed that “There is a resurgence of the right and of Nazism in Europe and here they follow that current a bit because there is a resurgence of the worst”.

In this tone, the councilman of the Front of All (FdT) Guillermo “Nano” Cara, author of a project to repudiate the actions of the CCKR, said that “The use of the name of a murderer for a cultural space is worrying, claiming insignia and historical processes that have left irreparable traces for our people, such as the last civic-military dictatorship”.

Mayor Ana Negrete -a Kirchnerist leader, teacher and representative of local feminism- submitted a request for information to find out if the CCKR “presented the necessary documentation for its authorization in the municipality”. In dialogue with Télam, the councilor expressed “concern about the proliferation of these denial groups, which have a high degree of violence and reject differences” and assessed that “they break the contracts of democracy”.

By Antonella Lerda

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Alert for a suspicious job search in La Plata that could be a trap