An unforgettable experience

OXFORD, United Kingdom.— The University of Oxford is a public research university located in Oxford, England, United Kingdom. Although the exact date of its foundation is unknown, there is evidence of its existence since 1096, which makes it the second oldest university in the world and the first in the English-speaking world.

The university grew rapidly from 1167 when Henry II of England prohibited English students from attending the University of Paris. The history and influence of the University of Oxford have made it one of the most prestigious in the world. It has educated many outstanding alumni, including 29 Nobel Prize laureates, 47 UK Prime Ministers, and countless heads of state and government from around the world; three Fields Medals and six Turing Award winners have studied, worked or collaborated with the University of Oxford. His students have won 160 Olympic medals.

I confess that I have lived, I would say like the poet, because I had a good education at home, at school and at my UNAM, for which I thank my parents and teachers; Already as a doctor, what I learned here and there allowed me to get to know many cities in the country to open, in IMSS hospitals, Intensive Care Units like those in France, and when I dedicated my efforts to offer the best treatment to patients with great obesity, I met colleagues from all over the national territory and from many other nations; I was fortunate to visit 25 countries where conferences in this specialty have been held.

But I cannot deny that when the International Bariatric Club World Congress organizer Haris Khwaja invited me to Oxford to attend and lecture at that university, I was delighted. And here we came, Alicia and I, to this incredible university where many of the scientific and technological advances that have changed the world have come from. Being in this beautiful place, enjoying the elegant surroundings, the halls and libraries, toasting with colleagues from 71 countries and sharing their advances and surgical innovations, has certainly been an unforgettable experience.

I am Mexican and I have always seen and experienced the efforts of our teachers and officials to improve education at all levels; from nursery schools, to schools in which mothers participate, full-time schools, the Science and Humanities Colleges (CCH) created by Dr. Guillermo Soberón, public and private universities throughout the country, institutes of research, science and technology; the Center for Economic Research and Teaching and many more, which seek to improve preparation, education and science throughout the country, but the Mexican government has been determined for four years to destroy everything without reason and accusing, as always, previous governments, which has resulted in the destruction of education in the country.

The claims and predictions of damage to education by teachers, researchers, experts and even the demands of students who see their desire to improve academically frustrated have been of little use. The ignorance of the President and the appointments in the SEP, the Conacyt and other institutions condemn Mexicans to educational indigence.

That is why from this center of education, research and universal culture, I raise my voice to demand that the attack on education stop now, millions of Mexicans have the right to live in the 21st century and not return to the 18th century.

I believe that it is possible, we will have to reconsider the objectives of education at all ages, in all conditions, so that each Mexican can achieve their life and well-being projects. Decent education for all, now!

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An unforgettable experience