An Unknown Bob Dylan Art Planet Comes to America for the First Time

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Miami (USA), Nov 29 (EFE) .- The largest retrospective exhibition of the plastic work of American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan comes to the US for the first time with “Restrospectrum: Bob Dylan”, a sample of 180 paintings, drawings, installations and sculptures that can be seen from Tuesday in Miami (Florida).

The surprise of the exhibition at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Art is that it presents the world premiere of a new series, “Deep Focus”, more than forty paintings that propose a “deep” look at movie scenes through the ” Dylan’s acute ability “to” fix a moment in time, “the Miami center said in a statement.

The exhibition, somewhat smaller than the one already presented at the Museum of Modern Art (MAM) in Shanghai (China), with 250 works, “sheds light on the development and variety of the remarkable artistic work” linked to the “musical and literary canon “From the author of” Like a Rolling Stone “.

It is a body of “film images that try to highlight different situations in which they find themselves” people like the American film actor James Cagney or the actress Margaret Rutherford, in the words of Dylan, 80, born Robert Allen Zimmerman (Minnesota , 1941).

In the end, the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature stands out, an award that he did not collect, “the dreams and the schemes of life are the same: life as it comes to you in all its forms”, whether you are an actor or not.

Hailed as one of the greatest songwriters of all time and one of the pivotal figures in culture of the last century, Dylan says it is a “fascinating experience” to see his works exhibited “years after they are finished.”

In fact, he says in that context, “I do not associate (the paintings) with any particular time, place or mental states”, but rather as “a continuation of the way we advance in the world and in which our perceptions are formed and altered. for life. “

“Miami is fortunate to have been selected as the first city in the United States to showcase the poet and singer’s artistic work … of his powerful illustrations, paintings and sculptures,” according to Jordana Pomeroy, director of the Frost Art Museum .

For Pomeroy, this “tour de force” shares a “similar cultural significance and sensibilities with Dylan’s canon in his immortal songs.”

“For the generations that have loved and respected his music,” he adds, “enjoying ‘Retrospectrum'” will be a once-in-a-lifetime privilege. “

The exhibition, which spans six decades of the artist’s “prolific” pictorial facet, will remain open until April 17, 2022 and confirms that Bob Dylan is not only a “historical musical icon”, but also a “passionate visual artist”, highlights the Frost Museum in the note.

In the rooms, the visitor can also enjoy immersive and interactive visual experiences that illuminate and illustrate the context of Dylan’s extensive artistic evolution along with his musical and literary contributions. EFE

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An Unknown Bob Dylan Art Planet Comes to America for the First Time