Annie Ernaux Nobel Prize for Literature 2022

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14 Dec 22 – Annie Ernaux Nobel Prize for Literature 2022

Annie Thérèse Blanche Duchesne, better known as Annie Ernaux, He was born on September 1, 1940 in Lillebonne, in France. She is a professor of modern letters and writer who recently won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature for the daring and courage with which he reveals his roots and the collective obstacles of personal memory. Today I share his story.

Two years before his birth, his parents knew the mourning of their first daughter, which died of diphtheria. Ernaux is one of the most renowned French writers of her generation. She is the daughter of two merchants and for this reason, she spent her childhood in a cafeteria-grocery store in Yvetot, in Normandy. According to the Nobel’s official biography, his parents went from a proletarian life to a bourgeois one. He studied at the University of Rouen and later in Bordeaux. Ella annie she earned a master’s degree and an advanced degree in modern literature.

Several of his stories refer to that time in his life, every time that Ernaux was given the task of highlighting inequities of gender, language and class. Experts say that his writing is always under the shadow of a feeling of betrayal of the proletarian social class. Annie has said that writing for her is a kind of political act that opens her eyes to social inequality.

He taught at the Lycée de Bonneville High School, at Évire University in Annecy-le-Vieux and in Pontoise. In 1974, he published his first work, Les Armoires vides.

His literature is considered a mix between autobiography and fiction: Without frills, it tells the life of his mother; Une femme, the social ascent of her parents and La place and La honte, his adolescence, as well as Ce qu’ils disent our rien, her marriage and La femme gelée, her abortion. With Je ne suis partie de ma nuit, she narrates her mother’s cancer.

Throughout his life, Annie has been admired as a first-person narratorbut also for claiming the political dimension of privacy. His determinism traces his existence, dramatizes the events of his life: his father’s way of eating and his mother’s mania for saving on everything, They are examples of the logical extension of the life of the parents in that of the children. In 1984 she was awarded the Renaudot prize and her work La place. In 2008 he published Les Années, a vision of French society after the Second World War, this she was the winner of the Françoise-Mauriac Prize of the Academié française, the Marguerite Duras Prize and the French Language Prize, all in 2008.

His work L’Autre Fille, published in 2011, is a letter addressed to her sister who died before her. In 2016, a autobiographical story in which he narrates his experiences in the summer of 1858, Memoir de fille.

For about three decades, the French writer lives in a house in Cergy, surrounded by books, trees and with privileged views of the Oisé River.

On October 6 of this year, she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Ernaux he received alone in an award endowed with ten million Swedish crowns, about 900 thousand euros. French President Emmanuel Macron said that she is the voice of women’s freedom and of the forgotten.

In L’atelier noir, Annie Ernaux confesses that writing is hell, but at the same time she expresses that she is afraid of not being able to write anymore.

Congratulations Annie Ernaux.

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Annie Ernaux Nobel Prize for Literature 2022