Antonio Colinas receives the doctorate ‘honoris causa’

The University of Salamanca approves the appointment of Anthony Hills as doctor ‘honoris causa’. The Governing Council of the University of Salamanca, held this morning, has approved the granting of the highest academic recognition to Antonio Colinas and to the Irish scientist and professor at the University of Colorado, Margaret Mary Murnane.

The candidacy of Anthony Hills was presented by the Faculty of Philology at the proposal of the Department of Spanish and Latin American Literature, being defended by Professor María Ángeles Pérez López, for whom the Leonese writer is “one of the greatest Spanish poets of the present, as well as being one of the authors with more published and more complete works”.

Author of a hundred first-edition books, Antonio Colinas (La Bañeza, 1946), has been awarded a large number of national and international awards throughout his more than fifty years dedicated entirely to poetry, and is also known for his personal career as a novelist, essayist and translator.

Among these awards, the following should be highlighted: National Literature Award 1982; Castilla y León Award for Letters 1998; International Carlo Betocchi Award 1999 for his work as a translator and scholar of Italian literature; Prize of the Castilian and Leonese Academy of Poetry 2001; National Translation Prize 2005, awarded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for his translation of the complete poetry of Nobel Prize winner Salvatore Quasimodo; X Castilla y León Critics Award, 2012; Teresa de Ávila Literature Award, 2014; Reina Sofía Prize for Ibero-American Poetry 2016; Lerici Pea “alla Carriera” Award, 2019 and Dante Alighieri Award, 2019.

With more than thirty doctoral theses written on his work around the world, the Casa de la Poesía-Antonio Colinas Cultural Fund will soon see the light of day for the public, a national and international reference center that will be located on the top floor of what is known as Casa de Doña Josefina, with a new access from Calle Padre Miguélez.

The project of the House of Poetry It will be divided into three blocks: a first block dedicated to the archive, which will collect manuscripts, magazines and press publications by the author himself and about the author in two rooms; secondly, a specialized library dedicated mainly to poetry and a third and last block dedicated to the graphic work on the author in relation to painting and music.

Once inaugurated, this center will regularly schedule activities such as conferences, courses, workshops, didactic exhibitions and poetic recitals, of which the three Summer Courses of the University of León on the poetic work of Antonio Colinas are already a living example. held to date.

The City Council of La Bañeza wanted to send its “most sincere congratulations to Antonio Colinas for his upcoming appointment as Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Salamanca, the highest academic distinction that adds to his recent appointment last month as honorary members of Alumni- University of Salamanca”.

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Antonio Colinas receives the doctorate ‘honoris causa’