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Peru, two flags

“November, wood, month of the dead…” wrote Gonzalo Rose as a way of associating this month, which begins on All Souls’ Day, with the painful evocation generated by the departure of people who, on one level or another of human activity, symbolize the same cause.

Gustavo Espinoza M.

Democracy: the day before yesterday and the day after tomorrow

“Today, society seems to have regressed beyond its starting point; In reality, what happens is that you have to start by creating the revolutionary starting point, the situation, the relationships, the conditions, without which the modern revolution does not acquire a serious character.” Karl Marx, 1852[1]

“We walk on the waves, and we bounce and roll with them; so we do not see, nor do we stop to examine, stunned by the blow, the forces that move them. But when this sea calms down, you can be sure that the stars will be closer to the earth. Man will sheath his battle sword in the sun at last!” Jose Marti, 1884[2]

In 1848, Western Europe was swept by a popular revolution that swept away the last remnants of the world before the French Revolution and replaced the constitutional monarchy in France with the bourgeois republic.

Guillermo Castro Herrera

Zelensky Nobel Peace Prize. A joke?

Let’s start from two incontrovertible truths: 1) Following GWF Hegel, it can be said, without fear of being wrong, that “history is a sacrificial leap”, we would also add that “always drowned in blood”. That is to say: human events imply a permanent power struggle, which is expressed in many different ways. Why does the exercise of power attract so much, fascinate, captivate? Because the sensation of feeling powerful confers the illusory fantasy of “having it all”, of “being complete”, of being complete. In other words: it illusoryly frees us from finitude. Something like the various gods (around three thousand) that civilization has created throughout history: projection of our most atavistic desires that erases human incompleteness: deities can do everything. Power makes us feel like gods.

Marcelo Colussi

The US Media and the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict: Hundreds of Millions of People in the Dark, Over and Over.

“Gentlemen civil guards: the usual thing happened here. Four Romans and five Carthaginians have died. [1]

Thanks to the media controlled by the capitalist establishment, advisers to President Joe Biden (by which I mean Secretary of State Antony Blinken, national security adviser Jacob Sullivan and China specialist Kurt Campbell, among others) will have no problem convening Americans into the potentially most devastating war the world has known in 77 years, beginning in the Ukraine and perhaps spreading to China, Iran, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, that is, the entire world, one way or another. And, as usual, under false pretenses.

Jose R. Gold

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Articles in Select Firms for the week of November 24 to 30