At 76 years old: Gabriela Mistral’s Nobel Prize is celebrated in La Serena

With live music, face-to-face workshops, the presentation of a kamishibai and talks about the poet, the Gabriela Mistral Regional Library and the Casa de las Palmeras will celebrate 76 years of the Nobel Prize

Like every December 10, Chile and the world celebrate Gabriela Mistral’s Nobel Prize and for this 2021 the Regional Library and the Casa de las Palmeras, in conjunction with the Regional Government of Coquimbo and its unit Ruta Patrimonial Camino a Gabriela Mistral, have prepared an unmissable billboard to commemorate this important cultural event. The program, prepared in honor of the only Ibero-American woman to be recognized in this category, will develop a horticulture workshop, a concert with artists from the region, a discussion with Isolina Barraza’s family, among other activities.

On this important commemorative date, and the calls open to the community, the Regional Governor, Krist Naranjo, affirms that “the figure of our Gabriela Mistral transcends borders and permeates our regional heritage in all areas of development, especially in cultural, educational and international relations. As a Regional Government we have as one of our work focuses the support and strengthening of our culture, and in this commemoration of the 76 years of its Nobel Prize in Literature we want to invite everyone to participate in the activities planned for this reason, already get closer to the figure of this great poet, not only today, but throughout the year. Our region has the Camino a Gabriela Heritage Route, nationally highlighted with its 10 landmarks, in which they can soak up their important legacy ”.

Considering a series of sanitary protocols, the public library belonging to the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage through the National Service of Cultural Heritage, will commemorate this event together with the historical monument of the Municipality of La Serena, in person, as a way to physically reconnect with the poet’s legacy.

In this sense, the seremi of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, Francisco Varas, points out that the legacy of Gabriela Mistral has “the enormous value of representing an avant-garde poet, a female voice that resonated with force in complex times, and the Nobel Prize, of December 10, symbolizes the pride of a distant country that makes 76 He stole the glances of the intellectual world thanks to this Elquina teacher. The Mistralian legacy is present in everything we do, especially in these difficult times for humanity. We hope that the regional community knows, explores and enjoys the various initiatives with which we will commemorate this new anniversary ”.

The commemoration will begin at 10:00 am, with the live presentation of the Kamishibai “Lucila, between the mountain and the sea”, an editorial project generated from the Gabriela Mistral Regional Library that addresses the life and work of the poet through the technique of the paper theater. After this exciting storytelling, the Apachita Foundation will address a series of plant cultivation techniques in the Huerta de Gabriela space, highlighting the link between Gabriela Mistral and horticulture, in the didactic Bibliotaller “Raíces Mistralianas”. Registrations are already available by writing to the mail [email protected] (limited places).

The celebration continues at 11:30 am in the Regional Memory room, with a formal ceremony, and then, from 12:30 pm, the premiere of two multimedia productions, which will also be available online, about Gabriela Mistral: “Grandes Mujeres y Gabriela ”and“ La Ruta de Gabriela ”.

During the afternoon session, the auditorium of the Regional Library will be the setting for the face-to-face workshop “Emporio de Maravillas. Mistralian reading strategies ”(3:00 pm), by the writer and sociologist specializing in mistralian issues Breno Donoso. In the instance, aimed mainly at educators and parents, they will be able to know and learn a series of techniques on literacy. For those who wish to participate, registration is already open by writing to [email protected] (limited capacity).

Another of the milestones of this commemoration is “The Gabriela I met” (5:00 pm), a historic meeting with Sonia and Raúl Estay, children of Isolina Barraza, a Chilean pharmaceutical chemist and writer, recognized for her close friendship with Gabriela Mistral . The inscriptions for this important discussion that will take place in the library auditorium are available from now on in the mail [email protected] (limited places).

To close this unmissable panorama dedicated to Gabriela Mistral, music will be the protagonist with the concert “Chords for Gabriela” (6:00 pm, 2nd floor terrace at the Regional Library). In this unprecedented summit of artists, Gabriela’s poetry will be set to music and performed live by renowned local creators, such as Antonio Gálvez (Cafuzo), Duo Trikahue, El Chaleco de Elodie, Franka Miranda, Ángelo Escobar and Talo Pinto.

We remember that the use of a mask is mandatory both inside the library and on its terraces. The invitation is to be part of this civic party to celebrate a new Nobel year for Gabriela Mistral. If you want to know more details of the programming that the Gabriela Mistral Regional Library and the Casa de las Palmeras will offer during this December 10, visit, or its various digital platforms.

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At 76 years old: Gabriela Mistral’s Nobel Prize is celebrated in La Serena