Attack against Cristina Kirchner: the chronology from the assassination attempt to Alberto Fernández’s speech | Minute by minute

The attack on the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner moved the entire Argentine society. It happened this Thursday when the head of the Senate was about to enter her home in Recoleta and greeted the sympathizers who were waiting for her on her return, as it has been for 11 days since she was prevented from speaking in the trial for the road cause. Here’s the timeline from the assassination attempt to the president’s speech Alberto Fernandez.

20.30 – Cristina Kirchner left the Senate

It is estimated that Cristina Kirchner He left the Senate at approximately 8:30 p.m., after a day in which he presided over the first minutes of the session on consensus projects, and in which he held meetings with the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Perez Esquivel; with MEPs from Group Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats; and with directors of YPF Y Petronas.

Earlier in the Senate, he met with Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize winner. Image: @CFKArgentina.

21.15 – Cristina arrived home and got out of the car to greet the militants

Shortly after 9 p.m. Cristina Kirchner arrived at her house located on Juncal and Uruguay streets in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta and got out of the car to greet the militants. who kept a vigil in his support 11 days ago, after the prosecutor Diego Luciani asked for his ban and 12 years in prison in the framework of the road cause.

Cristina arrived home and got out of the car to greet the militants. Image: Telam.

21.17 – A man pointed a gun at Cristina Kirchner

While Cristina Kirchner waved to the crowd, an armed man approached and pointed a gun at his head. According to what she learned, the vice president would not have seen the weapon in front of her face, but she knew what had happened when her guards informed her, something that would explain why, after the attack, she bent down to pick up a copy of her bookTo be honest” that had approached him.

Joseph Testonia leader of the Central de Trabajadores Argentinos (CTA) of Santa Fe who witnessed the attack, stated that “very few people realized there was a gun“. “I was almost at the end of the cordon, ten meters from where the event happened. Cristina walked by my side and shook my hand. I told her ‘I’m from Santa Fe, I’m here to meet the CTA’, to which she replied: ‘Ah, that’s great, Santa Fe’. Ten seconds later, a riot broke out and what was said at that moment was that there was an infiltrator“, he recounted.

21.19 – They arrested the attacker and seized his weapon

The subject was immediately arrested on San Martín Avenue at 2800 and dropped the weapon, which was seized. He could be identified as Fernando Andres Sabak Montiela 35-year-old citizen of Brazilian nationality who had a record for carrying non-conventional weapons, dated March 17, 2021.

A witness recounted: “Everything happened very suddenly. Without saying a word, the man approached and fired the trigger. He put the revolver in front of her. Cristina crouched down and several, between militants and custody, they reduced it”. Then they put him in a patrol car.

22.40 – Officials and opponents repudiated the attack

Tango official and opposition leaders repudiated the attack through social networks. One of the first to speak was the chief of staff, John Manzur, who stated that “today more than ever we have the obligation and responsibility to defend democracy, dialogue, consensus and social peace”. For his part, the Minister of Economy, Serge Massacondemned the “attempted assassination” and expressed his desire that “all responsibilities be determined” in the case.

One of the main opposition leaders to condemn the attack was Mauricio Macriwho from his Twitter account expressed: “My absolute rejection of the attack suffered by Cristina Kirchner, which fortunately has had no consequences for the vice president. This very serious fact requires immediate and profound clarification by the justice system and the security forces.”

Followed by the former president, he expressed Horacio Rodriguez Larreta. “My total solidarity with Cristina Kirchner and my strongest repudiation and condemnation of what happened tonight. Justice has to act quickly to clarify the facts, ”she wrote.

23.45 – It was learned that the detainee used a pistol that had 5 bullets in its magazine

Police sources reported that the weapon wielded by the Brazilian detainee It was a Bersa 380 caliber semi-automatic pistol that had five ammunition in its magazine.. It was sent to the ballistics expert sector to determine whether or not it was fit to shoot.

23.47 Deputies of the Front of All held a conference in Congress

Deputies and senators from the Frente de Todos bloc held a press conference in Congress to repudiate the attack. The speakers were the President of the House of Representatives, Cecilia Moreaudeputy sergio palazzo and the head of the official faction of the Front of All, Jose Mayans.

“It is an unfortunate and sad event. We are saddened to express our solidarity for this unfortunate event that has occurred. We are waiting for the prompt clarification of this fact,” Mayans requested. Meanwhile, Moreau confirmed the call for “an investigative commission and a repudiation session.” “We invite the same to be done in all legislatures,” he added.

23.55 The CGT repudiated the attack

The General Confederation of Labor (CGT) expressed his “deepest repudiation” of the attack and maintained that the “attempted assassination must question all political leaders who day by day tense the social climate to irrational levels.”

00.00 Alberto Fernández gave a national chain and declared a national holiday

President Alberto Fernández provided a national broadcast in which he condemned the assassination attempt against President Cirstina Kirchner and called on the political parties to repudiate the attack. Also, declared September 2 as a national holiday so that Argentines can demonstrate.

“A man pointed a firearm at his head and fired. Cristina remains alive because for a technically unconfirmed reason. The weapon that had five bullets was not fired despite having been triggered,” he commented at the beginning of his speech. “I have decided to declare a national holiday so that, in peace and harmony, the Argentine people can express themselves in defense of life, of democracy and in solidarity with our vice president,” he added.

At the end, he confirmed that he spoke with the judge Maria Eugenia Capuchettiin charge of the cause. “I have asked you to quickly clarify the responsibilities and the facts. Also to ensure the life of the directly accused who is in custody. Argentina cannot waste another minute. There is no time. It is necessary to banish violence and hate from speech political and media and our life in society,” he said.

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Attack against Cristina Kirchner: the chronology from the assassination attempt to Alberto Fernández’s speech | Minute by minute