Benelli Magnifico Set of Five: when gunmaking rises to the level of art

It has taken five years to complete the Magnificent Set of Five, a project inspired by the English hunting tradition –British nobles are used to hunting with a pair of shotguns of the same caliber– that Benelli has reinterpreted with these five semi-automatic shotguns –two in caliber 12 and two in caliber 20 that only differ by the serial number and one in caliber 28 – which also recreate a family structure: the caliber 12 representing the father, the 20 the mother and the smaller 28, the son . In short, a unique set that represents the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship.

Starting with the buttstock, all shotguns feature a fitted, hand-chipped buffalo horn buttplate. The stock and fore-end are made of the highest quality grade 5 European walnut wood with an oil finish and fine hand-chipping. The coupling between the wooden pieces and the metal receiver is so seamless that if you close your eyes and put your finger on it, you won’t even notice the difference between the wood and the metal.

the perfect harmony

The case is entirely hand-engraved in stainless steel – 2,000 hours have been required to engrave each shotgun. Each gauge features a different hunting scene perfectly matched to the Renaissance scrollwork: mallards in 12 gauge, pheasants in 20 and quail in 28; the cufflinks, as we said, are completely the same, even if they are handmade.

In the upper part, an engraving in pure pink gold, the pubescent oak, symbol of the Duchy of Urbino, is repeated, while the sky in the background of the hunting scenes is made in pure yellow gold. The design of the trigger guard is inspired by the golden ratio, a symbol of harmonic perfection that can be found in Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

Equipped with Benelli’s inertial system, the safety, normally located at the rear or front of the trigger guard –made of steel with the company’s logo engraved by hand– has been moved to the upper part of the case, as have the better parallel or overlapping, something uncommon in semi-automatic shotguns.

The five shotguns that make up the Benelli Set of Five.

Aesthetics and functionality

The folding bolt handle features another fine and unique feature. It is not just an aesthetic choice, but also, and above all, a functional solution, as it avoids any snagging when walking or during hunting. The unlocking of the fore-end lever is similar to the solution adopted in traditional shotguns. In fact, it is not necessary to unscrew any cap to remove the front: it is enough to activate a comfortable pressure button.

The barrels, made of chrome-molybdenum steel, have been completely finished by hand. The 12 and 20 calibers mount one of 28 inches by 26 the 28 caliber, all with fixed choke: improved modified (IM/**) in caliber 12 and modified (M/***) in 20 and 28. The soloist is squared by hand with a gold lace front. All internal metal components have been hand polished and brushed and marked with the last two digits of the serial number, further serving as a guide when assembling each of these unique weapons.

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Detail of the engravings of the semi-automatic Benelli Magnifico Set of Five.

Down to the last detail The leather case is entirely made and hand-stitched and designed to be compact and space-saving, while holding all five shotguns and being easily transportable. A case that also houses a metal bottle of oil for maintaining the walnut stock and fore-end, made of chrome-plated and polished steel, a spring reliever made of chrome-plated and polished steel and a kits cleaning to polish and brush the barrels.

In addition, by removing a wooden rod it is possible to convert the case into an individual one to transport a single shotgun. Two details put the icing on this Benelli creation: a short novel by the Italian poet and writer Umberto Piersanti, nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005, which tells a story in which family values ​​and the tradition of hunting are handed down from father to son, and a cameo with the engraving of the lady with the ermine, one of the most famous paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, a symbol of the Italian Renaissance.

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Your data

  • Gauges: 12, 20 and 28.
  • Bedroom: 76mm (all calibers)
  • LOP: 360mm (12 and 20); 350mm (28).
  • Ability: 2+1.
  • Wood: selected grade 5 European walnut with oil finish
  • Butt sling: integrated and hidden in the stock.
  • Corner: buffalo horn with striations made by hand.
  • Mechanisms: stainless steel
  • Barrel lengths: 70 cm (12 and 20) and 65 cm (28).
  • Soloist: flat non-ventilated with fine hand-groove.
  • Point of view: golden.
  • Engravings: marked and created by hand, with a theme dedicated to each caliber with rose gold details.
  • Metallic components: hand brushed and polished with the last two digits of the serial number.
  • Weight: 3,350kg (12 gauge); 2,751kg (20); 2,600kg (28).
  • Price: Consult.
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Benelli Magnifico Set of Five: when gunmaking rises to the level of art