Bill Gates’ 5 Favorite Books of 2021

PHOTO GALLERY. If we look towards the summit of the global entrepreneurial ecosystem, many of the great figures often recommend books that help them continue to develop their businesses and find new opportunities to transform the world through entrepreneurship. In the case of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft publishes each year a list with his five favorite readings, a tradition that he has not wanted to put aside in 2021, according to the portal .

Reading has been one of the great passions of Bill Gates, who as a child developed a curiosity difficult to find in a person his age. “He read so much that Bill’s mother and I had to establish a rule: there are no books on the table,” his father acknowledged during an interview.

Among Bill Gates’ favorite genres, science fiction takes the cake. For this reason, his list of recommendations includes two works of this type, to which are added others on science and history, where entrepreneurs could find new business ideas that adapt to the humanity of the future.

The 5 books recommended by Bill Gates in 2021

Thousand Brains: A New Theory of Intelligence.

Bill Gates’ first recommendation is this work written by Jeff Hawkins, one of the forerunners of mobile computing for the founder of Microsoft. The book presents a new theory of machine intelligence, with an explanation “appropriate for non-experts”, that could completely transform some sectors of much future, such as medicine.

The Code of Life: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race.

This book, written by the biographer of Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein, Walter Isaacson, is a review of the life of Jeniffer Doudna, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who helped discover the editing of a type of genes, CRISPRs. For Bill Gates, this is one of the most important discoveries in the sector in the next few years, and it would have great applications, although it is necessary to make a deep ethical and moral review on its usefulness.

Klara and the sun.

It is a science fiction novel, one of the great genres that inspired Bill Gates. It tells the story of a robot that keeps a sick girl company. As I read the book, I couldn’t help but think which parts of it paint a picture of our probable future. One day we will have company and utility robots in our lives, ”reflects the Microsoft founder.


This book is the second fictional story that Bill Gates includes in his list of favorite works of 2021. In this case, it is a novel that imagines a world in which the untimely death of William Shakespeare’s 11-year-old son could have influenced his works. The entrepreneur has declared himself a lover of the writer on several occasions, and has always had a special interest in his personal life.

Hail Mary Project.

This play tells the fictional story of a science teacher who teams up with an alien to save the solar system from a microorganism that is devouring the sun. Although it is not a very scientific work, Bill Gates says that it is “exciting to think about what other forms of life could exist”, but admits that “the chances that there is another relatively sensitive species nearby seem low”

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Bill Gates’ 5 Favorite Books of 2021