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El Salvador has been not only a regional and global case study, but has also served as an inspiration for a variety of project proposals and reforms in favor of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. However, little has been said about the education and formal training of its citizens on these issues.

At what level is the country’s human capital integrated in relation to the constant changes of digital transformation, and specifically; of Bitcoin (BTC) and technology blockchain? This is a question that few analysts have asked about it. Most of the local commentary about Bitcoin focuses on economic and political issues, and very rarely on education.

Of course, there are exceptions. And it is that the level of human capital of a country is a key element for productivity and economic growth of a country. The Nobel Prize in Economics already said Gary Becker since the last century. Then, considering the increasing and continuous level of relevance that cryptocurrencies have gained in the countryIs not a greater knowledge, be it general or specialized, about these, a factor to take into account?

The Salvadoran educational structure

within the context that pertains to the article, education in the country can be classified into four levels; elementary, middle, university and postgraduate studies. Education in El Salvador follows a 9-2-5 education system, which is regulated by the country’s Ministry of Education (MINED).

Unlike other special cases such as B.itcoin Lake and the José Educational Center, there have been no reports of basic or intermediate educational centers that offer training in Bitcoin or other crypto technology to their students. On the other hand, at university levels, thus far, there are only a select number of programs that are or have been offeredand most of them at the postgraduate level.

Despite the existence of careers in areas related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain such as; Computer Science, Law, Economics and related. With few exceptions, most universities have not launched a significant offer specifically geared towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In response to the lack of supply, several organizations and training centers have emerged trying to cover the level of demand.

Formal education in Bitcoin and blockchain technology

Among the offers of formal national education, it stands out the Technological University of El Salvador (UTEC)being the one that offers the postgraduate program most related to cryptocurrencies and technologies blockchain in the country. Its about Postgraduate in Management of Profitability and Risk in Digital Currencies. The show tackles topics like Bitcoin and e-commerce, exchanges centralized and cryptocurrenciescryptocurrency accounting, financial operations, as well as application of fundamental analysis for cryptocurrency investments.

“This postgraduate course facilitates the knowledge and understanding of disruptive technologies that are in vogue such as cryptocurrencies, blockchainmetaverse among others, and more importantly how we can get the most out of them from a business perspective, considering the costs, benefits and inherent risks that allow us to respond to the needs of our clients and the necessary legal provisions”.

Another university that stands out in its specialized offer is the Catholic University of El Salvador (UNICAES)which two months ago offered the specialized online course preparation for the Blockchain Professional Certificate (BCPC). The syllabus of the course focused on the operation of blockchain and 4.0 technologies with a business focus. This professional certification is aimed at anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in blockchain and want to develop their skills in this technology, knowing its characteristics, types and possible implementations in the public and private sectors.

On the other hand, the technologies blockchain they have also come to the attention of regional business schools. The business school, with one of its branches in El Salvador, Aden Business School, also offers in online format a executive program, specialized in blockchain technologies with a business focus.

“The emergence of technology blockchain It not only gives rise to the creation and representation of new forms of digital value (money, private currencies, property, documents, titles, etc.) but also its transfer and storage with the same ease that the Internet today allows us to exchange information. We could open a new chapter in history, that of the “Internet of Value. This new concept is accompanied by great movements in the entrepreneurial, business, academic and business ecosystem in general. Paradigms like decentralization, disintermediation, tokens, the token economy, and smart contracts are increasingly being cited as catalysts for the future of business.”

The advancement of informal education in cryptocurrencies

In response to the recent phenomenon of legal adoption of cryptocurrencies in the country, An interesting variety of educational proposals has emerged of an informal, non-university nature, which likewise seek to train their participants in the latest innovations of the crypto ecosystem both nationally and internationally.

As the most recent case, there is the case of Paxful and the Casa del Bitcoin, which aspires to be a new education and training center in El Salvador that can provide free and accessible learning opportunities around Bitcoin (BTC) to promote financial inclusion.

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Students from the House of Bitcoin in class. Source: Twitter

In addition to the house of bitcointhe efforts of the same should be highlighted Built with Bitcoin Foundationwhich in collaboration with the Francisco Gavidia University, as a result, are supporting various projects on Tasajera Island, mainly focused on Bitcoin education.

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The Bitcoin House classes are also in collaboration with the Built with Bitcoin Foundation. Source: Twitter

Among other alternatives, there are online courses, focused on learning Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies in general. The differentiation of these courses with respect to the generic courses is that they are directed specifically to El Salvador. As is the case with the online learning platform, plaziwhich offers a Bitcoin Course for El Salvador. This course is introductory in nature and aims to guarantee basic knowledge of the technology used to carry out digital financial transactions securely. Among the comments made can be found similar to the following:

“Short but concrete and more importantly, complete. Good starting point to explore Bitcoin. Long live El Salvador!”

Another online course specifically dedicated to El Salvador is the megaacademyit is intended to introduce participants to the most basic aspects of cryptocurrencies, as well as the many ways to buy, sell and exchange crypto assets, ICOs and other instruments used in the crypto market.

Other initiatives in the country

As an additional point, in view of the prospects of Bitcoin as a tool for social development. The Salvadoran Government has begun to train community leaders through the “Training Trainers in Bitcoin” program., in this activity they have the support of the technical team of the same creator of the House of Bitcoin, Paxful. With this initiative, the Salvadoran Government intends that more people acquire knowledge related to Bitcoin (BTC) and be able to apply it almost immediately to local development projects in different parts of the country.

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As a conclusion, it can be derived that there is still a friction between the advancement and development of cryptocurrencies and technology. blockchain in the world, and the progress and updating of educational plans in most programs. However, optimistically, there are already initiatives in both formal and informal education. In addition to these educational proposals, the Government has also started promoting Bitcoin projects at the local level. So it can be said that education in cryptocurrencies and blockchain progress slowly but steadily in the country.


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