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Attack on Lula and other degrading cases

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Three cases that come to us from abroad and about which we cannot remain silent, show on the one hand the violation of democracy by violent right-wing groups and on the other, the sick machismo that violates the rights of women and children. In the first case, there is the coup attempt against Lula da Silva, who was democratically elected in Brazil, and in the others, the public insults by Nobel Prize winner Mario Vagas Llosa to his ex-lover Isabel Preysler and the public exhibition of the eldest son of former player Gerard Piqué. . In order, it is worth focusing first on the fact that Lula, although with little difference, was elected president after a contest in which the then right-wing president, Jair Bolsonaro, showed every intention of preventing his opponent’s victory. This, as a former president, had proven his innocence of accusations that tried to get him out of politics for several years. In that inter, the right wing itself, some of whose representatives are imprisoned, deposed the legitimate president Dilma Rousseff. The coup attempt, which places the situation in Brazil in uncertainty, occurred under the tolerance of the local ruler of the city, Ibaneis Rocha, who allowed the entry of crowds with that intention, arrivals from various provinces. Lula pointed it out, as well as certain security forces. There was great destruction, something like the capture of the Capitol.


An ugly situation transcends the highly publicized separation of the Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa and the socialite Isabel Preysler. That publicity, which the tabloid media usually give to famous people, who transcend the real problems of a country, had already been overwhelming. I even wrote several years ago when referring to the beginning of that situation, a chronicle that was named after the famous phrase from that film Power that kills: his last burst of passion. What has been said these days, after more than eight years, has been unpleasant and has exposed the interests that were at the center of course, the Nobel money, which usually goes to countries to get money as it constantly does in the Fil, supported by Raúl Padilla. And the five million pesos that UNAM needs so badly, which were given for the Carlos Fuentes award, while journalists were recently awarded 10,000 pesos for excellent investigations. The fact is that the author of so many books, the most celebrated of which is Conversation in the Cathedral, has gone to the extreme of talking about intimate matters, physiological situations, such as that he only acts to urinate, informing people of his precarious position. gallant and oblivious to respect a woman who lived with him. Giving a Nobel Prize like the one they gave him should not only privilege letters, but include that quality of respect for others. The organization of the Nobel Prize has gone bad.


Unleashed in a new life that he made public, the former Barcelona player and now businessman Gerard Piqué, has not read the Declaration of the Rights of the Child which, after life and health, privileges privacy. The recommendations of the UN through UNICEF, have been summarized from assemblies and conventions since 1959 and it is part of the most complete of 1989, although the meetings continue on the permanent care of children around the Internet and its public exhibition. Some Mexican politicians who used children for their campaigns were warned that the privacy of children was being violated, but many did not. The now ex-player Piqué, busy with different loves than Shakira, took his son Milan to the streaming of the King League in which he was invited and in which the infant participated and apparently performed excellently. The problem is that the mother of the little boy with whom Piqué still has conflicts was unaware of the fact and apparently there has been anger and a lawsuit is not remote. In the Unicef ​​documents, separations are taken into account and parents are called upon to be aware at the same time and respect, above all, the rights of children.

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Books of yesterday and today / Teresa Gil