Bumpers, the Malaga brand that travels to Qatar to conquer the PPA padel circuit

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Gabriel García Márquez collecting the Nobel Prize. Fidel Castro at the IV Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government. Felipe VI during his visit to Havana. All these milestones have the same common denominator: their protagonists wear a guayabera. In the collective imagination, this classic garment, originally from Cuba, has been pigeonholed within two separate departments: inhabitants of Latin American countries and older men. However, in April 2019, a group of young entrepreneurs decided to change the rules of fashion and turn this shirt into a reference product among people under 40 years of age.

In the three years that they have been operating, the team by Bumpers Brand has been working on the expansion of its brand (they have their own store at the Zarzuela Hippodrome and 12 points of sale in Spain), until their t-shirts and shirts are also sold in Abu Dhabi. Now, they have decided to go a step further and explore the sports fashion market with the sponsorship of the padel players of the PPA (Professional Padel Assoc.).

Shooting of the new collection in the desert of Khor Al Adaid.

Thus, thanks to the “good harmony and integration in this world”, the first stone of a project that “is expected to have more continuity” has been laid: “We are going to be present in other very important tournaments. We bond a lot with the values ​​that are present in this activity”. players like Íñigo Zaratiegui, Sergio Alba, Álvaro Cepero and Lucas Bergamini they have worn the sweatshirts in gray tones, with the silhouette of a shovel and the PPA logo, which they have designed in Bumpers. Nevertheless, they are not the only ones; professionals such as Coki Nieto, Momo González, Jaime Chipi, Javier G. Barahona, José Carlos Gaspar are currently ambassadors of this brand.

the quiet life

This trip to Qatar has also served to start projecting the new collection they have been working on. Under the title The Dolce Life, have launched a new campaign inspired by the quiet and calm life, whose values ​​are embodied in the well-known film by Federico Fellini. “We understand that these attributes are present in places like the desert. That is why we have decided to do the photographic report in Khor al-Adaid desertin Doha”, explains Juanmi Fernández.

In addition, it underlines that there are influences from the culture present in the Persian Gulf, which coincides with the location where they have had their only point of sale abroad since last February, Abu Dhabi, in turn shared with another brand. In the United Arab Emirates they have a sports collection and it is only available there due to exclusivity. Fernández points out that the key to the success of his garments in the East lies in the fabrics they use: “Our garments are made from sustainable linens and cottons, so they have caught on very well in an area of ​​high temperatures. In the United Arab Emirates, the weather is good for much of the year. They tell us that they are fresh and elegant,” he says. .

However, they are already working on opening new points of sale and are especially focused on Doha: “The store is not quite ready yet, but we hope to be able to start in a couple of months,” he stresses.

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Bumpers, the Malaga brand that travels to Qatar to conquer the PPA padel circuit