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I want to use my anger and have that strength that only silence gives Czeslaw Milosz – Nobel Prize for Literature 1980

Dr. Bejla Rubin

It is our desire to put an end to the myth of the monster because it removes responsibility for their actions, both from Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels. Hitler used his lack of scruples, both to make his people suffer, to torture his enemies, and to take advantage of the naive old-fashioned diplomacy of his neighbors, thus circumventing all ethical codes, and all the rules to start a war. where, according to JJ Roseau’s Social Contract, a sovereign declared war on his opponent to give him the opportunity to prepare on the battlefield, while this tyrant, we refer to Hitler, inaugurated a new concept of war called blitzkriegLightning War, that is, unforeseen and without any prior announcement.

Let’s not forget the “memorable” words of Josef Goebbels, Ph.D., Propaganda Minister of the Third Reich, with his infamous phrase “talk to me about culture and I’ll get a gun”. And this concept would also have to be imported later by President Perón when he emulated them in the Creole style saying “espadrilles yes, books no”.

As for the trio that accompanied Hitler in his fierce battle for power, they could not have carried it out without the help of a Himmler, the Reich’s policeman, the most secret, without the military prowess of the obese and greedy Göring, the one who most treasured works of art, both from museums and stolen from the exterminated Jews in the gas chambers, and from a Goebbels, the most narcissistic, the one with grandiose and grandiose speeches, perhaps as a way to cover up his limp, that blemish that did not agree with the perfection and purity of the superior Aryan race.

His left leg was 7 cm shorter than the right one and because of this, since his childhood he lived with a limp, presumably due to childhood polio, ruling out a congenital deficiency, which if so, he would not have been able to belong to the Nazi party with its motto of to be part of the superior Aryan race. And in order to temper this physical limitation that prevented him from carrying out all the activities of a child, playing, doing sports, dancing, it is because of this that he exalts his intelligence, but in a scathing and cynical way, demonstrating his intellectual superiority to everyone, even to brag about conquering the most beautiful women, even if it’s just for one night. He was known as “the biggest bandit in Berlin”.

He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy and his great desire was to write. He wanted to collaborate on the Berliner Tagenblatt, newspaper belonging to a Jew. He would have become an excellent journalist if he had received his articles and, like Hitler, if he had been accepted into the Academy of Art in Vienna, the fate of Europe, and especially that of the Jews, would have been different. The rejection of this Jewish newspaper to Goebbels had not even imagined that ten years later his destiny would be trapped in the hands of this man, whose journalistic articles had been disdained and his resentment, in both cases, had to influence in increasing his hatred and revenge. against “the inferior Jewish race”, since Judaism is not a race.

As for Himmler, the shy, silent and submissive one, is nonetheless appointed by his Führer Reichsfuhrer SS, head of security in close relationship with Hitler, his direct collaborator, and that in that submissive mind, but adoring to obey to the letter without questioning orders to carry out without questioning the cruel destinations of such mandates, would have to be later the executor of the greatest massacre of humanity not carried out on battlefields, but murdering innocent children along with their mothers in gas chambers. He was responsible for carrying out the euthanasia program of his own German people, given that this ideology of the superior race did not fit in feeding or letting the mentally weak, psychotic, reproduce, since they were not necessary as citizens of a Germany with Teutons, Aryans and of pure blood

In January 1932, Himmler promulgated the marriage code of the SS, of the highest German stock. His marriage ties were to be with German women of pure Aryan blood. And this text is based on the principles outlined by the Argentine from a German family, Walter Darré, in his book Um Blutt und Bodem (The blood and the soil). Darré introduces the concept of a pure breed brought from his experience in Argentina with the breeding of thoroughbred horses and he wants to implement this method on people, to breed a pure Aryan breed without any mixture with the impure Semitic and Gypsy. And that is how he is indirectly the mentor of the extermination of the non-Aryans, who would later be gassed.

Darré was born in Argentina in 1895, an expert in agricultural issues and proposing the concept of selective breeding. He was as an official of the Ministry of Agriculture. In 1933 he manages to reach the position of Minister of Agriculture of the Third Reich. A close friend of Alfred Rosenberg, another great believer in the superior Aryan race, both ideological mentors that the Germans possessed racial superiority, but after many Nazi studies and experiments in this regard, they failed to demonstrate said myth, where it cost him life to many people and children used as laboratory guinea pigs, but that his demonstration was a failure on the part of the German doctors.

Darré makes a religion out of blood, he praises the Nordic peasant whose blood was thought to be so rich for the fruit he bore and nourished from the land he plowed, different from the decadent blood and racial impurity of the Slavs, Jews, “whose blood was the poison for the human race” and that contaminated cities and continents with it. With this concept of land and blood, Nazism imbibes an obsolete romanticism, rejects all modern technology, praises the farmer since he feeds on the fruits of his land. Three virtues are established for German women, the three Ks: Kirche, Kinder, Kochen: Church, children and kitchen. Nothing about books is not something that knowledge makes them independent of such ominous subjection and discovers them thinking and free beings.

Then, within this fatalistic environment, lost the Great War, steeped in panic, hunger and unemployment, a Hitler arises, exalted by the bombastic speeches of Goebbels that make this subject a myth, the resurgence of a Lohergrin, the great Teutonic hero also remembered in Wagner’s operas. And with the advance of Nazism, the people became more and more brutal, and had to support their Führer until the last consequences, where in the “Twilight of the Gods”, the poor creatures from the age of 13 had to give their lives in pursuit that Berlin does not fall and with it its Great God. Then, the Third Reich collapses due to the denial of the historical facts and that after losing the Battle of Stalingrad the war for the Nazis was already lost, and if they accepted it the German people themselves would have saved themselves from continuing to sacrifice their infants of war. Having exposed such crimes and attacked the Nazi regime cost the Scholl brothers their lives, in a trial without a defense, where they ended up beheaded as a warning to those who dared to emulate such a patriotic act against the Nazi regime by questioning the directives of their Führer.

Goebbels and Hitler were tied in wanting to stand out given their personal failures in the field of art, so using politics to stand out was the most useful tool for them. And this is how they invent a new ideology with a patriotic tinge that was slowly drilling the minds of the populace, making them servile slaves to the new German God. The intelligent one was Goebbels who also knew how to manipulate Hitler making him hate the bourgeois world, although both enjoyed his palace privileges.

And we see how History repeats itself with all those demagogic leaders who claim to seek social equality, to be against wealth, but who in their innermost being feed off the efforts of others, buy the popular vote with bribes and swell their coffers by stealing the treasury. national. Latin America is full of such exemplars: Chavez, Maduro, Castro, the Kirshners and others.

The most effective method during Nazism was propaganda, to make the people believe that Hitler was a supreme being, “who was guided by divine providence through all dangers.” And every time a fanatic arises, behind that fanaticism it is necessary to create a sanctuary and a saint to worship. So, for the adoration to work, a new title had to be created: Führer in Germany that emulates the name of Duce in Italy with Mussolini.

This applies what is established by Le Bon in his book Crowd psychology. And if a new God is erected since the God of the West had died according to Nietzsche’s thesis, he needs sacrifices, and victims: first the old system thought to be obsolete fell, and then the victims to be sacrificed at the stake would be ” the Jewish beasts. And this new sanctified Führer deserves the greeting of Hello Hitlerwho hail caesar, and whoever did not venerate him in this way and with an outstretched arm was considered a traitor. And a redemptive leader should never be held responsible for his mistakes, neither economic, nor warlike, nor for flouting the Law. The others are always to blame.

And when we witness that these cruel methods, outside the law, governed from evil and caprice, we can well affirm that we are witnesses and victims of a new totalitarian regime that repeats itself.

May God not only save the unprotected innocents, but may justice recover and stop fearing the disastrous blow of demagogic barbarism, mafia methods and the banality of Evil. Hitler’s word was law and when the law is upheld by the mandates of a tyrant we are faced with a model of totalitarian leadership. And when we see this action applied in the present, it is still worrying since it does not agree with the division of powers that make up the liberal, republican and constitutional model, which are the values ​​of a free and democratic country. And this is the way of operating that we see applied in some Latin American countries.

It will be Justice!

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Busting Myths: Twilight of the Gods – Aurora