Campaign “Benetton? No thanks”

A campaign made of simple, symbolic and supportive gestures: spread a flyer by mail or social media or print it, take a photo in front of a Benetton-United Colors business, if possible around Christmas, with the flyer or a poster with the legend “Benetton? No thanks”.

To receive the flyer and information, and to send the photo taken, contact Giorgio Schultze, Cell. 3356876313

A painful “gray trail” of infinite sadness has accompanied all the economic-financial actions of the Benettons in Italy and in the world for many years.

The “free colors of the world” have abandoned Benetton and unite in the defense of the Rights of the Mapuche People (Patagonia-Argentina 1991-2021)

The “free colors of the world” have left Benetton and are united around the Ponte Morandi families (Genova-Italy, 08-14-2018)

We the colors are light, sun, earth, stars, meadows, trees, sky, sea, flowers, multicolored towns.
We the colors belong to everyone and we are made up of everyone.
We the colors are not a “registered trademark”, we are not private property.
We, the colors, were born free and always will be.

Except that morning of August 14, 2018 when the Morandi Bridge in Genoa collapsed and we, the colors of the suitcases, of the bodies, of the clothes, of the toys, of the backpacks, of the shoes were dyed blood red , before a blanket of gray dust, asphalt and rubble covered us definitively.

Except in Patagonia, in the barbed wire “Cage” that surrounds the 900,000 hectares of the Benetton ‘possessions’, where the colors of the Mapuche people were removed from their land and where the desert of the soul, of the death of Santiago Maldonado (28 years old, August 1, 2017), of Rafael Nahuel (22 years old, November 25, 2017), of Elias Garay (29 years old, November 21, 2021), from the prison where Facundo Jones Huala is imprisoned (35 years).

Except where that gray mantle of infinite sadness with threads of deception, selfishness, greed, aggressiveness, arrogance, injustice, deception, abuse, oppression, dominance, abuse, indifference, pride towards the Peoples and devastation of Mother Earth has been imposed.

We the colors have decided to abandon Benetton
And go back to the pencils and markers of so many young people
who are rewriting history,
that demand clean land, water and sky,
that demand a future of peace and coexistence among peoples.
Colors from around the World, Unite!
For the defense of Mother Earth! For the defense of the Rights of the Peoples!

Excerpted from the 2004 open letter sent to Luciano Benetton by the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel:

“Mr. Benetton, you have bought 900 thousand hectares of land in Argentine Patagonia, to increase its wealth and power, and you act with the same mentality as the conquerors; He does not need weapons to achieve his objectives, but he kills in the same way using money…. He used the money and the complicity of an unscrupulous judge to take the land away from a humble Mapuche family … I remind him that Mapuche means “Man of the Earth and that there is a deep communion between our Pachamama, Mother Earth and her children … “

… “You know that the locals call your stay« La Cage », a barbed wire, closed, which has trapped the winds, the clouds, the stars, the sun and the moon, life has disappeared, because everything is reduced to value economic and not to the harmony of Mother Earth. “

… “We all go through life, when we arrive we are leaving and we cannot take anything with us; Yes, we can leave hopeful hands in our wake in order to build a more just and fraternal world for all ”.

We want to give thanks to the writer of this article for this outstanding material

Campaign “Benetton? No thanks”