Canada vetoes an act of a Nobel Peace Prize winner raped by ISIS so as not to “foment Islamophobia”

The controversy about hypocrisy returns in many cases about feminism, where on occasions like this the so-called “goodism” prevails in order not to offend certain cultures or religions, although it goes against discourses that especially progressivism and the left tend to focus continuously, except when it does not matter, as has happened in Canada. It happened specifically in Toronto and with the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nadia Murad, as the protagonist.

The activist, who was raped by ISIS, was going to attend as a guest of the Toronto District School Board for an event for students, where she was going to present her autobiographical book at a reading club aimed at young people between 13 and 18 years old ‘ The last girl: my story of captivity and my fight against the Islamic State ‘. The organizer of the event, Tanya Lee, had invited Nadia to the event, but the superintendent of the school, Helen Fisher, thought that such participation would “promote Islamophobia” and vetoed the intervention of Nadia.


This is how Tanya Lee recounted the events in statements to The Globe and Mail. And for the superintendent, Murad’s story “Promotes Islamophobia”, so it was better not to share with young people the terrible memories of his capture and sexual abuse at the hands of ISIS terrorists.

«It is a terrorist organization. it has nothing to do with ordinary Muslims »

Lee assures that he tried to convince Helen Fisher to rectify the decision to censor the story of a victim of a jihadist organization, but did not attend to reasons and had to cancel the event. “I sent him a letter and said: this is what the Islamic State means. It is a terrorist organization. It has nothing to do with ordinary Muslims. The Toronto school board must be aware of the difference, “Lee told the online newspaper.

Helen Fisher ignored the plea, but responded to the organizer of the event with a copy of the council’s policy statute, alluding to the selection of “fair reading, culturally relevant and appropriate” material.


It is not the first time that this school board censors the participation of a guest, if they think that their statements may lead to some kind of controversy against certain groups, especially cultural and religious. It also happened with the lawyer Marie Henein, who in the book club defended the musician Jian Ghomeshi in 2016 when he was charged with sexual assault. “They bluntly told me ‘no’ because [la Sra. Henein] He defended Jian Ghomeshi and they did not know how to explain this to the girls, ”says Lee in the same medium.

The case of the Nobel Peace Prize is not new in a country like Canada, where a kind of ideological censorship prevails. This fact is the second that becomes relevant worldwide after what happened in 2019. On that occasion Something like a dystopian novel happened: an association of French-speaking Canadian schools removed 5,000 children’s books from the library, believing that they “showed prejudice against indigenous peoples.”. One of the colleges even burned some such “dangerous” titles as ‘Tintin in America’ and ‘Asterix in America’ and others from Lucky Luke featuring Indians.


The news has gone around the world, thanks to tweets like this:

And has been reproduced and commented by many tweeters here in Spain, with comments that are most critical of the Canadian superintendent’s decision.


Nadia Murad is an Iraqi woman of Yazidi descent who, in addition to being a Nobel Peace Prize winner, has been a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Dignity of Human Trafficking Survivors since 2016. He won the Nobel together with Denis Mukwege in 2018 “for his efforts to eradicate sexual violence as a weapon in wars and armed conflicts.”

Her life changed in August 2014, when she was kidnapped and held by ISIS for three years, until June 2017., which is when he returns to his hometown, Kojo. The kidnapping was the consequence of the incursion of the Islamic State in his town, killing 600 people, including six of Nadia’s brothers and stepbrothers. Women like her were taken prisoner.

During her captivity as a slave in Mosul, she was beaten, burned with cigarettes and raped. He tried to flee more than once, finally succeeding in an oversight by his captor, who left the house open. A neighboring family welcomed him and helped him leave the area controlled by the organization. Thus he was able to reach the Duhok refugee camp in northern Iraq.


In 2015 Nadia Murad entered a refugee program in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, where she currently resides. Since then, He was engaged in the fight against human trafficking and genocide. She is the founder of the ‘Nadia Initiative’, an organization dedicated to helping women and children victims of genocide, war crimes and human trafficking, and provides support to rebuild their lives and communities.

With this work, which earned him the Nobel Peace Prize, he has traveled all over the world and visited major organizations and leaders, including Pope Francis in 2017. In almost all of them, he has been welcomed and listened to with equal parts pain and attention, but Toronto, in Canada, has been one of the few exceptions and another chapter in the Canadian ideological drift.

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Canada vetoes an act of a Nobel Peace Prize winner raped by ISIS so as not to “foment Islamophobia”