Carlos Umaña, Nobel Peace Prize: We are facing the highest risk of nuclear war

Marina Lopez Guell

Costa Rican doctor Carlos Umaña, an activist for the prohibition of nuclear weapons and winner -as a member of the award-winning organizations- of two Nobel Peace Prizes, warns, in an interview with EFE, that “we are facing the highest risk of the story of a nuclear war being started.

Umaña has traveled to Barcelona to participate in two events in Barcelona and Mataró organized by entities in favor of peace to promote a speech of “stigmatization of nuclear weapons to put an end to them”.

Carlos Umaña, who was born in Costa Rica, in addition to being a physician, is an activist against nuclear weapons and is currently co-president of the International Association of Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1985, and director of the Campaign International to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, which won the same award in 2017.

The Costa Rican activist declares that “stigmatization is an essential step” on the road to banning nuclear weapons and that it must be led by a “strong” social movement that exerts pressure on decision-makers, since only in this way “can prevail a climate of moral condemnation”.

“Nuclear weapons are not made to attack the military, but to kill civilians – he remarks – and Putin has shown several times that he does not care about the well-being of civilians and has attacked them, as was the case in Chechnya or Syria.”

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Carlos Umaña, Nobel Peace Prize: We are facing the highest risk of nuclear war