Casa de Misericordia and Sister Rosemary Welsh are recognized

In an emotional ceremony, Casa de Misericordia and Sister Rosemary Welsh were recognized with the prestigious Alfonso García Robles award given by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, at the Casa de Misericordia facilities on Thursday, December 16.

It was the Consulate General of Mexico in Laredo, represented by the Consul General of Mexico in Laredo, Juan Carlos Mendoza Sánchez, who submitted the candidacy of the Laredo institution to the highest house of studies.

“The National Autonomous University of Mexico, the most important in Mexico, one of the most important in Latin America and one of the 100 most recognized worldwide, instituted the Alfonso García Robles Recognition, which was designed since 2017, to recognize people and institutions that have a history of life, basically, in the care of vulnerable people, the defense of human rights, migrants, families, “explained Mendoza.” Given the characteristics of Casa de Misericordia, we consider that it had all the merits to to be proposed for this award ”.

Mendoza said that then they asked Casa de Misericordia for authorization to present the candidacy and sent all the evidence of the success stories.

“Fortunately, this candidacy was successful. It is noteworthy that his case was reviewed by a very important committee that is chaired by the rector of the educational institution and made up of directors of various faculties. They, personally, make this selection and in the opinion they recognized the work of Casa de Misericordia, and with special recognition to the work of Sister Rosemary Welsh ”, he expressed.

Mendoza extended the recognition to Sister Maria Luisa Vera and all the Casa de Misericorida staff for the great work they do.

“Casa de Misericordia is a very important strategic partner for the Consulate, especially in assisting people who suffer from domestic violence, which is an issue that continues in our Latino community and that increases in the pandemic. In this area, Casa de Misericordia and its team do an exceptional job ”, he highlighted.

For Welsh, this recognition is a call to continue fulfilling the objectives of Casa de Misericordia.

“For us it is a call to continue improving the services of Casa de Misericordia every day. We want all the people who come to our home to always be welcomed with affection, dignity, respect and education, ”said Welsh. “Sometimes it is a bit difficult, because we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but the team at Casa de Seguridad has grown over time. We started with six employees and now there are 24. They work very hard, they all have their role, but they all do it very well. So it is a call for us and receiving this award means great support and pride, an award that commemorates this man who was the only Mexican who won the Nobel Peace Prize, for avoiding a huge problem with nuclear weapons in this continent ” .

Alfonso García Robles was a renowned Mexican diplomat, awarded the 1982 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in favor of the military denuclearization of Latin America.

Welsh added that she would continue to try to deserve this recognition, but not only her but also the Sisters of Mercy, the Casa de Misericordia team and the Mercy Clinic because they all make up one family.

“I was born in Springfield, Missouri, but I am from Laredo and Nuevo Laredo. You have welcomed me with open hugs since 1976. You have taught me to be a better Sister of Mercy and to be a first-class missionary because the people of Laredo have taught me how to treat people, how to listen to people, “she said. “For me all these years have been a privilege, we opened Casa de Misericordia in 1998 with the help of the Sisters, but we have never said that we have done this alone, but always with the people of the community.”

He added that they seek to help victims of domestic violence by asking how they want to be helped, what services they need from Casa de Misericordia to improve their lives.

“I think we are receiving this award because we have the mission of listening to the people who come with us and not telling them what to do. We are receiving it because we are a first-class shelter for people who suffer from domestic violence, where people know that if they leave and return for the second time, for the third time, they know that at Casa de Misericordia they are not going to say ‘¿ Why are you here?’. They know that whoever receives them will say, ‘Welcome’.

Finally, Consul Mendoza reiterated his congratulations to Casa de Misericordia.

“It is the first time that this award has been given in Laredo. That is why we are proud and we want Laredoans to know that the institutions of our community that do a great job deserve all our support, but that there are also recognitions from institutions as important as the National Autonomous University of Mexico for them. Then our congratulations go to Casa de Misericordia, to Sister Rosemary Welsh, her staff and to the entire community, ”Mendoza concluded.

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Casa de Misericordia and Sister Rosemary Welsh are recognized